Saturday, October 23, 2004

In Laurie's Brain - Ode to the Loathsome Fever Blister

Ode (Greek 'song') A lyric poem, usually of some length. The main features are an elaborate stanza structure, a marked formality and stateliness in tone and style and lofty sentiments and thoughts. It's rather a grand poem. It is inclined to be meditative, reflective.

A girl I work with is currently sporting a rather disturbing fever blister. My dear co-worker in question whom we shall call Carly (her real name, no reason to change it, everyone has seen her unfortunate upper lip) is one of the funniest, most outgoing people I have ever met. This particular fever blister, however, has really got her down, so I promised her I would write an Ode to her affliction.

However, after researching, I have discovered that a proper Ode has a complicated rhyme scheme, iambic pentameter and other frou frou english type stuff like that. Ergo, in keeping with my more casual (lazy) writing style, I have instead opted to compose a limerick.

I must add that Carly names her fever blisters much as the NOAA names hurricanes. Her current little friend has earned the name "Angelina Jolie" for it's utter voluptuousness. If it weren't for the cracking and oozing, it would be downright sexy.

Now for my limerick. Ahem...
There once was a girl down the back hall
With a cold sore the size of a beach ball
She said go away
I can't see you today
If you look at my lip you will hurl

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