Friday, April 04, 2008

An Opening Line that Does Work

In a previous post, I gave you a couple of examples of what occasionally goes through my mind on a typical night out with my friends, when we don't have any men with us. In the comments on that post, I mentioned one of the strangest things a guy ever said to me. He walked up to me at an AC/DC tribute band show, sort of hovered over me for a bit then said, "You look like a lawyer." Uh. Thanks?

Now, I'll give you an example of an opener that made a table full of women smile. It was Thanksgiving weekend about five years ago. A guy walked up to our table of five women, looked at us and said, "I'm not here to pick anybody up, I don't want to sleep with anybody, I've been divorced two weeks and I just want to dance."

Of course, the fact that he was hilarious and a great dancer did help his cause and he became a good friend (until he found someone he DID want to sleep with). Are you guys out there shaking your heads saying honesty doesn't work? Try it and get back to me. I'll wait.


TexasGal said...

Well, contrary to my what my hubby believes, I can't remember the last time I was out with a group of my girl friends and had a guy approach us. Heck, I've been here in Singapore for almost two years, all my friends are back in Texas, I can't remember the last time we all went out. I think I'm due! Actually, getting asked to dance was about all that was ever mentioned. Most the time we were at TByrd, Mark Chesnutt or Dwight concert - so we were 'pre-occupied' anyway. :)

Laurie said...

Texas Gal - You're probably like me and don't even realize you're being "approached." From what my guy friends tell me, most casual questions or comments to you by men you don't know have been contemplated, planned and thought out well before they approach you. Even a casual "what a lousy bartender" or "sorry I bumped your drink" might have just been an opener hoping for more conversation.

George said...

Honesty is way over-rated . . . 'Hi, my name is George, and I'm a goofy-looking dork with no interests worth conversing about. I have no rhythm and can't hold my liquor and those three women over there already told me 'no,' but would you like to dance with me?'

Laurie said...

George - If you weren't married, I'd tell you to go out one night and try that exact "line" (only if it were true, of has to be true...that's the whole point). I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.

Grimm said...

Yeah, I am worth you on this one. It is the only way a balding, glasses wearing neanderthal like me could have hooked the wonderwife without being honest.

That and I have a nice ass.

Or so she says.

Laurie said...

Grimm - Sometimes a nice ass just isn't enough.