Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stingaree Festival 2008 Schedule

FRIDAY, April 18
4:00p Joe Argo
4:45p Bonnie Bishop
5:35p Scott Nolan
6:30p Gurf Morlix
7:15p Darrell Scott
8:30p Corb Lund
9:45p Hayes Carll
11:00p The Sideshow Tramps
12:00a Midnight writers

SATURDAY, April 19
12:00p Liz and Lincoln
12:45p The Band of Heathens
1:45p Wrecks Bell
2:30p Hayes Carll
3:25p Ian McFerin Band
4;15p Travis Linville
5:00p John Evans
5:55p Bonnie Bishop
6:30p Mando Saenz
7:30p Eliza Gilkyson
8:40p Ray Wylie Hubbard
9:50p The Stone Coyotes
11:00p The Magpies
12:00a Midnight Writers

SUNDAY, April 20
12:00p Graham Wilkinson
12:50p Scott Nolan
1:35p The Dedringers
2:30p Will Kimbrough
4:00p Terry Allen
5:00p The Producers
8:00p End of Festival Party at The Ships Wheel - Corb Lund, The Magpies


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I have heard of exactly two people on that list. Maybe I need to get out more...

Laurie said...

Just... - I bet I can guess which two. ;)

TexasGal said...

The Beaumont Boys Bash is the weekend BEFORE we come back for daughter no. 1's graduation. I wish there was some excuse I could make up to fly in earlier!

Lorna said...

If Gurf Morlix is a person, can you get me a date? Or at least a genteel belly up to the bar?

Laurie said...

Texas Gal - You need to think of something. :)

Lorna - He is indeed a person and rather genteel at that.