Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pink Floyd Tribute Band - Bricks in the Wall

We saw the Pink Floyd tribute band "Bricks in the Wall" last night at Antone's. I love tribute bands and I put this one very, very close to the top of the list of my all time favorites. Go see them if you ever have the chance.

Instrumentally, these guys were amazing. They kicked Pink Floyd tribute band ass. However, while the vocals were fantastic (including two amazing female backup singers) the male vocals didn't really sound enough like the vocals of the original Pink Floyd for me to bounce these guys to the absolute top of my favorite tribute band list. (The top spot is still held by Hells Bells, an amazing AC/DC tribute band.) I'm not saying that the vocals weren't good. They were great. To my ear, they just didn't sound very much like the original Pink Floyd.

I give them a 4.99999999 out of 5 on my tribute band scorecard.


Grimm said...

Strange, we only have these weird looking guys with long hair doing Yanni tributes.

I think I live in the Twilight Zone.

TexasGal said...

Hey, hubbie and I went with my project manager and his wife last night to see "We Will Rock You" here in Singapore. It was freakin' great! We had so much fun. It was really funny how throughout the show they interjected funny stuff about Singapore. Like at one point one of the guys was talking about his suit saying that it wasn't Armani - he got it at Bugis Village. Bugis Village is like Harwin (in Houston) on steroids. They adlibbed here and there throughout the show and it was really funny.

Lorna said...

To have a tribute band score card, you would have to have seen at least one original concert, I would think. That leaves me eligible to print my own kd lang Tribute Band Scorecard.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

One of the first things that really wowed me when we first pulled into London's Victoria Station on the Gatwick Express was a up-close view of the Battersea Power Station that was pictured on the Animals album.

That's when I knew I wasn't in Texas anymore. Well, that and Big Bend was caddy corner from our flat!

Laurie said...

Grimm - Bless your heart!

Texas Gal - Hahahahaha!! That sounds great.

Lorna - I've seen a few concerts in my day. :)

Just... - You are making the most amazing memories!!