Monday, April 28, 2008

Back to Stingaree Music Festival 2008 - Ray Wylie Hubbard and Lucas Hubbard

( Lucas Hubbard)

(Ray and Lucas Hubbard , photo credit: Todd Purifoy)

At the beginning of the festival Friday night, Katie and Chloe asked me if "the main guy" would be there this year. I asked, "Hayes Carll?"

They said, "No, the other guy."

I asked, "Ray Wylie Hubbard?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!! We loved him."

Smart girls.

Here's an old video of Ray Wylie Hubbard explaining how he came to write "Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother."

Ray was as entertaining as always and brought several of the performers from earlier in the day onstage with him. I love it when that happens. It made us really sorry that we goofed around too long to catch Liz and Lincoln, but more on that in another post.

The most amazing thing about Ray's set (other than the fact that it was "Ray's set") was his son Lucas. I didn't even know he had a son, let alone a really adorable one who played an amazing guitar. The girls fell absolutely in love with him and although they were older women (17 years old), they made a pact to wait for Lucas (13 years old) and marry him or something. We were fuzzy on the details.

The video below is something I found on YouTube from about a year ago:

This one is Cody Canada, Lucas Hubbard and Ray Wylie Hubbard from September, 2006 playing "I Wanna Rock and Roll" (one of my favorites):


TexasGal said...

I love that song too. It's one of my favorites on my Cross Canadian Ragweed CD.

Laurie said...

Texas Gal - My favorite version is Ray's on Live at Cibaldo Creek.

Neal said...

Good tunes.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Unfortunately, my only musical ability is "music appreciation". Ah, to have such talent at 13!

Lorna said...

That's a 40 year-old genius with dyed hair!

The Fun Fairy! said...

I love Ray Wylie Hubbard. That video you posted about the making of "Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother" was great. Really funny. :)

blackwidow00 said...

lucas will be 15 years old on may 15. we're having his birthday party at shady grove in austin at my gig there. liz&lincoln are opening, lucas will be playing and sharing his cake so leave your hat on and come on. rwh

Laurie said...

Neal - It was great!

Just... - I can't wait to see him again.

Lorna - Hahaha! Possibly.

Fun Fairy - He really puts on a fun show.

Black Widow (RWH!!!) - I wish we could! I couldn't possibly go without Katie and Chloe and it's a weeknight and all. We'll be on the lookout for you guys though.

Please, please, please bring him with you to Courville's next time you come...if he's out of school of course. :)

Oh! Summer! We'll try to catch you guys this summer. (The girls talked to your wife while we were at Stingaree, by the way. They loved her, too. Of course,they might have just been sucking up.)

katie said...

i want to cry i really do..i cant believe we wont be able to make it!!!! ahhhh but that is totally awesome AHHHHHHHHHH life is unfairrrrrrr

katie said...

i just thought about it and you have to go because you have to get us an invite for next year too :)

Anonymous said...

i wish i didnt have any absences.
i would totally go!!
but i agree with katie!
you must must must go =]
but oh my WOW!

A Better Brighter Tomarow. said...

So after i left that last comment.
i figured i would get one to these.
=] buts yes everything i said in the last one times two.

Laurie said...

Katie and Chloe - Ah, my little chickadees, I wish I could. I'll keep my eye out for festivals this summer and we are so THERE!