Thursday, March 15, 2007

Courville's and American Idol

Tonight as I sat at Courville's with Jack watching the fabulous and indescribable Charlie A'Court (okay, I described him in this post the last time I saw him at Courville's), my mind briefly wandered to American Idol. It's not as much of a stretch as you might think.

This year, American Idol, has left me feeling a little, how shall I put this? Blah. It's a, that's it...blah. I miss Bo Bice and Constantine. By God, I even miss Bucky. Remember George Huff and Jon Peter Lewis? Last year there were so many that I enjoyed: Ace, Elliott, Chris, Taylor. Oh yeah, there are girls on this show, too, aren't there? Stay with me. I'm trying to make a point.

Maybe it's because it's so early in the season, but I'm almost certain that I'm usually far more enthusiastic about the contestants than I have been this year. Then, to top it off, I get home from Courville's after watching the aforementioned incredibly talented Charlie A'Court and find out that freakin' Sanjaya is still around to torture me for another week.

The reason my mind wandered to American Idol while watching Charlie A'Court was because, as I watched this wonderfully talented man sing his heart out, I thought about all the talent all over the country that I still don't know about. Yet, American Idol can't come up with twelve people to grab my interest and excite me after auditioning hundreds of thousands of people.

Something is very wrong with this picture. I think next season, American Idol should skip the ridiculous audition process and head out to the small music venues across America and find the real talent that is out there. With some of that Coca Cola money, I'm sure they could even coax some of the "I wouldn't be caught dead on American Idol" crowd to give it a shot for one season.


Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

Freakin' Sanjaya.

Yeah, I'm not as enthusiastic about it this year either. If Sanjaya sticks around much longer, I might quit watching it altogether.

Bo Bice trash-talked Idol recently. Says he doesn't know why he ever auditioned in the first place and other things that people in that "I wouldn't be caught dead" group might say. Kind of made me feel like my support of him was wasted.

Anyway. It's just a TV show, right?

Laurie said...

Jen - I know I'll keep watching. That show is like television crack for me.

I hate to hear that about Bo. Not very classy. On the other hand, a person should speak their mind. It would be much more refreshing if celebrities said what they actually think instead of what their publicists tell them to say.

On the other, other hand, maybe we don't want to know. I like my "delusions." :)

keelakat said...

I've never heard Bo say anything negative about his experience on Idol. To the contrary, whenever Bo has been interviewed/asked, he always has good things to say about Idol and appreciates the doors it opened for him.

Laurie said...

Keelakat - I'm really happy to hear that. He's definitely one of my favorites of all the Idol contetstants. Thanks.

Diane said...

Like keelakat, I have never heard or read Bo trashing Idol or anyone for that matter. He is always very gracious and thankful for everything. Not sure where that info came from but I would bet a whole lot of money it was either misread, mistyped or misunderstood.

Laurie said...

Diane - Thanks! I'm glad to hear that because he didn't seem like the type to say anything negative about anything for that matter.

Sophmom said...

You're right, Laurie. It's weak, although the good ones are very, very good. IMHO. The boys are pretty darn weak, and Sanjaya is AWFUL, although I don't think he was quite as bad on Tuesday as Diana Ross was last night. *sigh*

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

Laurie, I should have said that I *heard* he said those things recently. Perhaps the person from whom I heard it doesn't like Bo or something, but this person is also pretty reliable. Why wouldn't I take them at their word?

I do not frequently "misread, mistype or misunderstand" things. Maybe I misspoke in this instance, but I'm not so dense that I don't understand what someone means when they say it to me.

Personally I haven't seen anything in print to support the rumors that he made those comments, so I hope that will appease all the Bo Bice fans (of which I am one, remember?) that might trip into your blogdom, Laurie.

Laurie said...

Sophmom - I agree that the girls are amazing and I'm still reeling from Sabrina getting voted off. I have to agree that Diana Ross was off her game but she sure seems like she's enjoying herself these days.

Jen - That's right Bo Bice fans, Jen and I LOVE the Bo-ster. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Bo Bice would ever trash-talk Idol. To the contrary, all I've ever heard him say is how grateful he is for the opportunities that opened up for him as a result of exposure on that show. He has always been gracious and a really awesome person in the way he handles difficult situations.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows Bo Bice and has followed his career since Idol...knows without a doubt he would never trash talk it! He might want to distance himself from being considered "runner-up"...but he would never bite the hand that fed him! Bo is a gracious, humbled man...and as a devoted fan--I must defend his honor-Always!
Much Luv,

Laurie said...

Anonymous - That seems to be the consensus. I believe you.

Laurie said...

Christy - Bo is lucky to have such loyal fans. I'm really glad to hear it isn't true and so is Jen.

sailingwithbo said...

I too have not heard Bo ever trash talk idol either. And if you only "heard" that he said something but didn't hear it for yourself . . . you really shouldn't post it on the internet . .

Laurie said...

Sailing With Bo - I didn't post anything on the internet. The statement was made in a comment from a good friend of mine on this post.

If you would read all the follow-up comments, you will find that she and I both agree that Bo is a good guy.

There's no need for YOU to reprimand me or any of MY commenters. People can say what they like in here including all of the Bo defenders.


Anonymous said...

Jen and Laurie, if you want to know more about Bo, please, check out his fan site at

Laurie said...

Anonymous - We know all about Bo. We're fans. Re-read the original post.

I said I MISS Bo Bice on American Idol. I went to see him in concert when he played at Delta Downs. There's a post about it here somewhere.

We like him. Somebody on those bulletin boards where all you people are coming from needs to clarify that for me. Thanks!

Diane said...

Alls good :) (except for the guys on

Laurie said...

Diana - Oh, isn't that the truth. Poor babies. I do like Blake though.

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

Laurie - Jeezy Creezy. This Bo thing really set off a bomb, didn't it?

I AM SORRY I POSTED IT. I *should have* checked my sources. I grovel at the feet of all Bo Bice fans (of which I am one) and beg for forgiveness. I hope y'all will cut me a break. I said already that I'm a fan. And I really am. I voted and voted for him only to watch him lose out to Carrie. I'm well aware of his website, but don't have an extra $24.99 to shell out just to get access to the message boards.

Again, I'm sorry and forgive me.

Grimm said...

Who's Bo Bice?

Grimm said...

Ok, I know who Bo Bice is. You probably don't need 20 more people posting about him...LoL

Yeah, Carrie Underwood really looked like she did not want to be there when she sang a few weeks ago.

She showed up. She sang. She left. No comments or anything.

Look out for Jordin, if she stays perfect - I think she could sneak in there and take it all.

Laurie said...

Jen - I have never had any fans of anyone post so much on this blog and I mention celebrities all the time.

Grimm (Part 1) - Oh, my goodnesss. I hope you haven't stirred the hornets nest again. :)

Grimm (Part 2) - I wonder if Carrie's fans are going to go on a comment spree in here now. Could be interesting. It could break all Miss New Orleans comment records. She sure did look beautiful. I agree, Jordan is amazing.

I say it again, Bo Bice is lucky to have such devoted fans. They definitely have his back.