Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Charlie A'Court

I just got back from Courville's (yes, Zina, there is a Courville's in Beaumont). Zina is my cousin and our mothers were Courvilles. It was sure strange to see that name up in lights. The Courville's of which I speak is a Beaumont restaurant which has live music about once a month for $10 - $30 (depending on the act) including dinner. From what I hear, the acts are always top notch. They should really advertise more.

Tonight's entertainer was Charlie A'Court. He is a blues man out of Nova Scotia Canada. Imagine if you will, Gary Busey channeling an old black blues man (and a little Joe Cocker) with a Jose Feliciano vibe. This guy had an amazing voice and his guitar playing was nothing short of magical.

Opening for Charlie was Wang Chi's favorite soon-to-be-famous local band 9 Station Drive playing an acoustic set. I really enjoyed them also.

I'm going to bed now (after watching my DVR of Rock Star INXS to see who got kicked off tonight) so I will fix up this post with links and pictures and stuff tomorrow. I'm sure Wang Chi will have his review up shortly.


Lorna said...

Nova Scotia is famous for its eclectic range of musicians; we are not famous for channeling Gary Busey, but we could get into it, I guess.

Laurie said...

Lorna - You would love this guy! If he's ever in your area, you must go see him.

Charlie A'Court said...

Hi there,
Charlie A'Court here...I just came across this site and saw that you poasted a review of the show at Courville's. Thanks so much for coming to the show that night. I had a blast and the hospitality was outstanding. I would love to come back some time and do another show! If you're interested you can check out my site for music and tourdates!
By for now!