Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why Are Farts Funny?

Peter asks the question, “Why are farts funny?” Well, Peter, I’ve thought about this and I think I know why farts are funny. I believe it’s the surprise factor. In comedy, a joke is funny because the punchline is unexpected. A fart is like a smelly little punchline.

This theory is confirmed by the fact that the funniest farts are the ones that are the least expected. For example, a fart is funnier if it comes from someone who doesn’t usually fart or when the fart sneaks up on you in an inappropriate location (Macy’s, church, job interview, etc.).

Even if it’s your own fart and you know the fart is coming or if your dear friend or spouse announces an impending fart, the element of surprise is still there. How will the fart sound? How will the fart smell? Will I gag? Will he hold the covers over my head? Will we eventually divorce or will we continue to live lives of quiet desperation?

In summary, yes, farts are funny. No big surprise there.


La Sirena said...

Farts are so funny!

When I was waitress, an older waitress taught me the trick of "the drive by". If you have to fart, walk briskly past the most annoying/no tipping table on the floor. By the time they've had their appetites ruined by your toxic green cloud, you're innocently taking someone else's order.

Don't irritate the help.

Leslie said...

Farts are very funny.

I couldn't have explained why any better.

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

You said fart. Haha.

Laurie said...

La Sirena - I was wondering what that smell was at the Waffle House.

Leslie - Why, thank you, my dear.

Jen - We're so gross.

Laurie's Mom said...

Laurie, here is the joke dad likes to tell. "This OLD, OLD,couple were in church and the wife leans over to the husband and says " I let out a quiet fart, what should I do?" Her husband says " Change the batteries in your hearing aid."

Laurie said...

Mom - A classic!!