Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If I Were a Carpenter

Whenever a song gets stuck in my head, being the weird-o that I am, I think there's some significance to it and that I should take heed. That is, unless I heard it on a commercial or a co-worker passed by me humming the tune.

Today's lyric that I can't get out of my ear-brain:

If I were a carpenter and you were a lady, would you marry me anyway? Would you have my baby?

Maybe, I'll make a little run by the carpenters' union hall this afternoon and pretend I have car trouble. Maybe I'll marry one anyway even though I won't have his baaaaa-by.


Leslie said...

I do the same thing - find meaning in stuff like that.

The song I have in my head today is Karma Chameleon.

"Lovin' would be easy if your colors were like my dreams. Red, gold and green. Red, gold and gre-eeen."

Maybe it's time to redecorate the bedroom.

Laurie said...

I love that song! Red, gold and green would make a lovely bedroom. On the other hand, maybe you need to do a karma check. On the other other hand, maybe Julia wants a chameleon.

La Sirena said...

"Rain rain on my face
Hasn't stopped raining for days."

I don't remember where that snatch of a melody came from ... but it hasn't stopped snowing or raining for days.

Laurie said...

La Sirena - Ah, so the earworms ARE prophetic.

Grimm said...

You know it's kinda hard just to get along today
Our subject isn't cool, but he thinks it anyway
He may not have a clue, and he may not have style
But everything he lacks, well he makes up in denial.

And all the girlies say I'm pretty fly for a white guy.

Laurie said...

Grimm - Ah, the Beastie Boys.

Laurie said...

Grimm - I take that back, not the Beastie Boys...The Offspring.