Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Idol

What a strange year this is.
  • Last week I didn't like Phil or Gina at all and this week they were both very good.
  • Don't hate me, but I give Sanjaya props for not cowering at all the ridicule he must undoubtedly know he's receiving and come out with a six inch high ponytail mohawk.
  • Since Sanjaya is obviously bulletproof and, as Simon so aptly said, in his own universe, I think Chris Sligh will be the one to go home this week.


Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

Sanjaya lives in a city called "Denial." Of course, I would have had a nervous breakdown if I were him by now.

I agree with you, and think that either Chris Sligh or Haley Scarnato will go home.

This is the weirdest season of Idol ever.

Leslie said...

I agree - I though Gina and Phil were really good. I thought Gina had the best performance all night.

Sanjaya? Oh gosh. It's all such a joke, but it's getting so old. He really needs to go home, but he probably won't. I agree - Chris Sligh wasn't looking so good last night. He may go home, which is okay. His charm is starting to fade with me.

Laurie said...

Jen and Leslie - We'll find out pretty soon.

Roxan said...

I have rethought my resolve to never watch American Idle. I need fresh victims for the characters I'm killing off in my novel. I think I'll name one Paula.

Zina said...

At this rate I think Sanjaya will be the next American Idol. I thinnk he belongs in the same bin as that Asian guy who sang the National Anthem and sold a bunch of albums.
I think its sad that "america" is building this kid up and making him into something he's not....a singer! This is my first year to watch, and I've watched every show from the very beginning. I cannot believe that milions of people are being cruel to this kid.
I have found out that I like that Simon guy...he sticks to the facts: THIS IS A SINGING COMPETITION!!! Not a freak show.

I knid of think Phil is going to go soon. Or Haley...'cause you know it ain't going to be Sanjaya. He's probably going to win it and then wonder why he can't sell any records.

Grimm said...

Good call on Chris. I had the final 3 (sans Sanjaya) picked, but really thought Hayley would go.

Laurie said...

Roxan - I love that show although it's been extra weird this year.

Zina - "America" hasn't built him up as a good singer. I think everyone, except maybe the really young kids, can't believe he's still there. Since this is your first year to watch, you weren't aware that there is always one contestant who isn't as good as the rest who somehow manages to hang on until about the top 5. Sanjaya won't win but he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I think Phil, Haley and Gina will go before Sanjaya.

Grimm - Haley's legs are keeping her there. She's a good singer but, like Simon would say, forgettable.