Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Where Do You Shave?

I don’t remember how the subject came up but a friend of mine and I were discussing leg shaving. She mentioned shaving in the tub and I thought that was a strange place to shave your legs. There’s no light in there and I don’t wear my glasses or contacts in the shower so how is a person supposed to see what they’re doing in there? What if you shave something you didn't intend to shave? You know, take a little too much off the top, so to speak.

Well, evidently, I’m the oddball on this one. I now find out that most of the women I know, shave their legs (and other lady parts) in the bathtub or shower rather than at the sink like me.

Where do you shave?


The Godfather said...

A sneak peek at my blog, come check it the way, I will buy you a shot after you buy me one.

Valentines Day came and went and all I kept seeing on television leading up to this sacred womans’ day is the Kay Jewelers commercial. Anyone ever see any of those? Ya know the one where the bitch is sitting on the couch wallowing in her misery and the pussy whipped guy comes over and opens up a small box containing a $2,000 dollar ring and opens it. Now the bitch is all smiles, and then you hear the famous jingle, “Every kiss begins with Kay.” No... every kiss begins with money! If the pussy whipped guy bought home a box of “thought that matters,” he would not have received a kiss. He would have received an invitation to the back yard so he can sleep for the night. I hate when people say it’s the thought that matters and then they contradict themselves by getting angry when you try and do something inexpensive and creative. If any guy out there is nodding with me on this, you need to get your dingy wet somewhere else and dump the bitch!

Ed said...

You know, when a guy shaves over the sink, his face is over the sink so that everything doesn't drip or fall over the floor. How does a woman who shaves at the sink do this?

I would have loved to answer real men don't shave but since I got married and the beard doesn't agree with the wife, I guess I gave up my manhood so to speak.

Renee said...

I have bad vision and bad lighting, which explains why I have lots of hairy patches on my legs!

Anonymous said...

I have bad eyesight and bad lighting, but I shave in the shower. I've done this for so long that I can just feel my way! xoxo Poodles

Useless Man said...

I shave in the shower, with my electric. It's a little dangerous. But then again, I'm a dangerous man!

Tim said...

A woman.

Shaving her legs.

At the sink.

Now that's a mental image I think I can enjoy for weeks to come!

Laurie said...

Godfather - Hi! I've written a couple of similar posts but you'll have to hunt them down. I'll pop over and check to see what else you got.

Ed - I stand by the sink and prop my foot on the counter (or on the toilet) then I rinse the razor after each stroke. There's no mess at all.

Renee - I am definitely in the minority with the sink/good lighting shave routine.

Poodles - It seems to be the most popularity way to do it.

Useless man - How macho!

Laurie said...

Tim - You devil, you!

Lorna said...

oh, I really, really wanted to sing the body electric! Not because of the shaver but because it sounds so elegant.

Laurie said...

Lorna - You sing it anyway, girl!