Friday, February 03, 2006


There is a new upscale restaurant in Beaumont called Suga's. It calls it's food Southern Cuisine. It's an odd marriage of traditional southern food prepared in unique and fascinating ways. I've had lunch there a few times and last night was the first time I went there for dinner.

The restaurant itself is absolutely gorgeous with a huge patio area featuring bamboo plants and a water wall. Upstairs is a jazz club which I can't wait to see.

I had the buffalo osso bucco served with crawfish grits. I know how that sounds but it was delicious. I had a crabcake appetizer that was served on top of fried green tomatoes which was also fantastic. The scallop appetizer ordered by one of my friends had the most beautiful scallops I have ever seen and they were perfectly prepared. One of the other people in our party ordered the roasted chicken served with crawfish pudding and she said the crawfish pudding was one of the best things she had ever eaten.

Then, there was the dessert. The bread pudding, strawberry shortcake and peach cobbler ordered by three of us were indescribably delicious but the hit of the evening was the dessert ordered in the form of a chocolate/espresso/Bailey's/vodka martini.

I highly recommend this place. It is pricey but worth every penny.

Here are some links to pictures of Suga's...
...Creme Brulee Sampler
...Strawbery Shortcake
Lunch prices range from $8 - $10
Dinner prices:
Appetizers $8 - $10
Entrees $18 - $38 (most were in the $20 range)
Desserts $8 - $10
Drinks $7 - $9 (specialty drinks and all were absolutely fabulous)

461 Bowie
Beaumont, TX 77701
(409) 813-1808 - Reservations recommended


Anonymous said...

Yeah. I'll drive down there for lunch.

Laurie said...

Popeye - The club sandwich is to die for.

Lorna said...

Those prices sound similar to my neighbourhood greasy spoon...and in American money too. You should take what you save on winter clothes, and on restaurants, and come up here. I can take you to Quebec for great food.

Mark M. Hancock said...

I added environmental shots of Suga's to my blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

We've had a number of southern gourmet restaurants in Atlanta over the years and they have been wonderful. Sidney's Just South, The Buckhead Diner and the Horseradish Grill (last two still going strong), have put out some of the best food I've ever eaten. You make me want to come to the TX coast for Suga's!! I'm assuming it's pronouned "shuh-gahs". ;)

Laurie said...

Lorna - Now, that sounds like a good plan.

Mark - Great! Thanks.

Sophmom - It is absolutely pronounced shuh-gahs. Is there any other way? ;)

Anonymous said...

My friend and I ate there tonight. The atmosphere is nice; it reminds me of a nicer Spindle Top (local restaurant in Beaumont).

For the link that states, in other words, prices aren't for the faint of heart, I will agree. Our meal: one appetizer, two entrĂ©es (one with three grilled shrimp), small (small) salad, three glasses of wine. Total: $85.00 + tip ≈ $95.00 (I don't tip on alcohol).

I know price is subjective and think that most, especially the frugal, will find this to be far from a good deal. But, I do recommend that you try it if you've been wanting to. I think the best value is the osso bucco. It was FANTASTIC, really!

Laurie said...

Anonymous - Thanks for leaving a comment. It's hard to explain how spending that much money on dinner is worth it but it truly is. The food is so delicious and unique that I feel it's worth every penny.

Unknown said...

I have eaten at Suga's several times, and unfortunately the service has always been terrible. The food has been hit or miss..a few times it was excellent, but other times it was cold and of poor quality. I would definitely not recommend it, particularly considering the price. We are restaurant fans and have eaten at some of the best places in the United States, and although Suga's wants to be high-end, they have a lot of work to do. C-

Laurie said...

N8 - Thanks for the comment. I actually haven't eaten there in a while and this blog post is pretty old so I appreciate the update.