Thursday, February 09, 2006

Want to hear something weird...again?

This is the sequence of events that happened to me when I returned from lunch today:

  1. The song Superstar (The Carpenters) was playing on my XM.
  2. Out of the blue, I decided to check out Local Music Guide to see what was going on in Beaumont this weekend.
  3. I saw that Leon Russell is playing at Cactus Canyon tonight. I thought he was playing 3/9.
  4. I e-mailed my sister Terry at EXACTLY the same moment she was sending me an e-mail about Leon Russell playing tonight instead of 3/9.
  5. I sent an e-mail to a friend who replied by saying “Should I know who Leon Russell is?”
  6. While looking up Leon's bio for my friend who shall remain nameless because he should be embarrassed that he didn't know who Leon Russell is, I found out Leon Russell wrote Superstar.
  7. Leon Russell has many Beatles connections. See this earlier post and this other earlier post for my other recent weird Beatles coincidences.

So, off I go to see Leon Russell tonight when I thought I was just going to be laying on the couch. How's that for a kick in the head?


Zina said...

Did you see Paul McCartney on the Grammy's last night? He joined Linkin Park and Jay Z for their mix on Yesterday. It was pretty cool.

Laurie said...

Zina - I DVR'd the Grammys. I plan to watch this weekend.

Anything else I should not fast forward through?

Bruce -- Harper Blue said...

Okay -- picturing Leon Russell as the composer of "Superstar" just causes way too many hash-table collisions in my head.

Having said that, a fine song from a fine composer. I've always loved the Carpenters and that song. (Of course, I've loved most of what the Carpenters sang.)

Laurie said...

Bruce - I love the Carpenters, too.

Lorna said...

At last Laurie---an area in which we are not psychic twins. I never heard a Carpenters song that didn't make me want to envelop my head in cotton candy, then bang it on something very hard.

Laurie said...

Lorna - That's the first time I've ever heard the Carpenters referred to as head banger music.

Zina said...

I LOVED the U2 duet with Mary J. Blige they do the song ONE which you have mentioned here before.

The Sly and the Family Stone tribute was good and interesting. Have you read about Sly's appearance yet? Scary man.

I also officially love Keith Urban HUBBA HUBBA.

Sir Paul does a new song from his latest album AND Helter Skelter. So, don't fast forward through the new song.

I don't normally watch the Grammy's. I think they are totally rigged and there is an award for everything except who has the best farting noises in the studio.

But the duet stuff is neat. I'm missed Elton and Emeneim but caught Melissa Etheridge and Joss Stone doing the Janis Joplin tribute...that was too awesome.

PS. Melissa Etheridge's greatest hits is AWESOME. She does piece of my heart AND the Tom Petty song Refugee. Check it out.

Do you listen to Franz Ferdinad or Linkin Park?

Laurie said...

Zina - I saw Franz Ferdinand on something (I can't remember what) and loved them immediately. I'm just starting to listen to Linkin Park and I like them, too.

I watched the Grammy's on my DVR last night but it must have run a little overtime. It didn't record the very end of the New Orleans tribute. I'm trying to find it online somewhere.

Zina said...

I missed the New Orleans tribute. Forgot about it. Maria HATES award shows and she came in around 10 so I was guilted into changing the channel. I wasn't smart enough to TIVO it.

Laurie said...

Zina - Your TIVO like my DVR would have stopped recording before the very end. I need to start padding my times on programs like that.