Saturday, July 09, 2005

Lorna's Blog Party

My friend Lorna hosted a blog party. She posted the following 15 words which were to be included in a story and posted on our own sites. The deadline to turn in a story is Sunday, 7/10, so pop over there and join the party.

Here are the words:

incessantly, vibration, apple, reaching, professional, immaculate, seawater, blush, wondering, manufacture, quivery, desperate, straw, separated, tendrils

Here is my story:

As the young boys tap danced incessantly outside my balcony room window, I realized that the nap I was so desperate for and so badly needed wasn't going to happen. The sound of the click, click, clicking on the pavement below created a vibration in my head that might possibly be soothed by several apple martinis preferably sucked down through some sort of festive straw and decorated with a lovely tiny paper umbrella. I began wondering where I might find this magical concoction. To hell with the nap.

Reaching for my watch on the hotel room nightstand, I discovered it had been less than an hour since I had been able to manufacture a suitable excuse and had separated myself from the madness of the bars and chaos that is Bourbon Street. My friends, being the professional drinkers they are, were still out there somewhere.

I walked out onto my small balcony to check out the scene below before planning my quest for the perfect apple martini. Tendrils of beads still hung from the railings from the evening before which had been thrown by lustful men with quivery hands hoping to see the blush of a woman's (any woman's) breast.

I walked back into our previously immaculate room which, after two days in New Orleans, now looked as though it had been hit by a tornado and went into the bathroom to freshen up for my apple-icious quest. I brushed my teeth and, without thinking, took a big gulp of French Quarter tap water which, not suprisingly, tasted somewhat like seawater. Perhaps the wretched tap water in The Quarter is the reason people drink so many non-water type beverages while on their pilgrimage to decadence. It's as good an excuse as any, I suppose.


Rey said...

Sounds like a beginning for a great book. Excellent.

Kelly said...

Fantastic story. I've never been to New Orleans but what you described there is very much how I picture it.

Lorna said...

right---it does sound like the beginning of a great book. Please include my name in the acknowledgements when you're published. thanks for coming over to the party, but I think it was a bit much to leave your boy-toy behind on the couch. Still, a day or two won't matter, I guess

Dave D said...

I liked it. You really made us feel like we were there. So, what are you gonna do about those tap dancing kids!

Laurie said...

Dave - After I finish brushing my teeth and changing my blouse, I'll probably walk downstairs and give them a dollar. :)

Astrid said...

A blog-party where you can grab all the drinks and snacks you like in return for a few creative thoughts with words, sounds like my kinda party!!!

Laurie said...

Astrid - Perhaps I'll host my own party. You must join us if I do.

Astrid said...

Haha .. count me in!!! I promise to bring my funny face!