Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blog of Funk

When I heard about the bombings in London this morning, the first thing I thought of was a friend I met when I first started this blog. Deek Deekster lives in London and writes the Blog of Funk. He's an amazingly entertaining writer.

My favorite post of his is titled Up, Down or Sideways. Up, Down or Sideways refers to the decisions we make during an evening of partying. Deek guides us as we explore the varying degrees of intoxication experienced during a night out and how to proceed so that you make it through the evening mostly intact. At various times throughout the evening you are faced with an important decision: do you imbibe more (up), less (down) or, for the moment, try to maintain (sideways)?

I've met so many delightful people from all over the country and all over the world through blogging that the world seems a little smaller to me. My first blogging friends are especially dear to me (Lorna in Canada, Astrid in the Netherlands, Deek in London, Se7en in New Orleans and Lauren in Louisiana). My newer blogging friends are over there on the sidebar and I look forward to reading them all for many years to come.

Take care of yourselves!


cookie jill said...

It is amazing what a wide range of folks we can meet on the "information superhighway"

My favorite correspondence is with a hotel in Scotland....I keep dreaming I can go there...

...but I always like coming here to get my "nawhlins fix" ;-)

Shelli said...

I like visiting here too. You write some pretty funny s**t! Another funny site I found was You can't help but laugh when you watch this guy dance. Makes me think about your post earlier this week.

PATCAM2005 said...

No matter where you're from, today we are all British.

Lorna said...

I'm for sideways, and you're dear to me too. Not to mention that we're psychic twins

Laurie said...

Cookie Jill - Thanks for the link! I'm ashamed to say I haven't been to your site in a while. I'll pop over there right now!

Shelli - I can't wait to check out the Daily Dancer. Sounds like something I'm going to get addicted to.

PatCam - Amen.

Lorna - I psychicly knew you were going to say that. :)

Astrid said...

Yep, blogging makes the world a little bit smaller. In Blog-world, the ocean between us is like a tear of an ant!!!