Friday, October 05, 2007

Then there's this one

Feist, "1234" for Ipod Nano. You can click here for all things Ipod advertising.


Lorna said...

Love Feist---saw her live! Better than I-pod, but I hesitate to say that in case someone thinks I don't want one.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. You've become a shill for Steve Jobs?

Zina said...

I kid you not, I just looked up this song this week. I was also going to look up the old navy song...but you've done that for me!!!

Later grandma!

Sophmom said...

It's going through my head at work 'bout half the time.

Sophmom said...

"The Way I Am" is going through my head at work the other half the time.

Laurie said...

Lorna - You lucky girl!

Anonymous - Ewww, I wonder if he'll send me an I-pod.

Zina - You wouldn't believe how many hits I'm getting for these three commercials.

Sophmom - I know what you mean. When I Googled them I thought, "I bet I'm not the only person wondering this."