Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bye, Shannon!

Today, a very close friend I've worked with for 7 years is leaving the firm. From time to time, in a person's work career, people move on. Some of those changes are tougher to take than others and this one is especially tough. I'm going to miss you, girl.

Thank God Al Gore invented e-mail.

He did invent e-mail, right?


Leon J. de la Garza said...

the most i've been in a company is 2 years...

but that probably cause they were "student" jobs.. you know..

i dont know shannon..
so i'll say "Hi" to you..


Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

Awww! Don't worry, it'll be OK.

Good luck, Shannon! :)

Laurie said...

Leon - Hi, to you, too. When you've...uh...been long as I have, you'll see lots and lots and lots of friends come and go.

Jen - Thanks, little sista.

Grimm said...

And Dan Quayle invented the spell checker!

Adela said...

SpellING checker.

Although this week, a "spell checker" might be appropriate.

Aren't we lucky in our inventive vice presidents? Wherever would we be without the internet, spelling checkers, and Halliburton?

Laurie said...

Grimm - I believe it! Hahaha!

Laura - SpellING checker? Hmmm...I've never heard it called that.