Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Not So Scenic Route

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Every time I've gone to visit my son and his family in Houston, I've been tempted to take a shortcut down Farm-to-Market Road 565. Even if it didn't save any time, I was sure it would be prettier than my usual Interstate 10 to Highway 146 route or Highway 146 to Interstate 10 route depending on if I was coming or going.

As a public service announcement for anyone who has ever considered that Farm-to-Market 565 might be a shortcut, I present to you my findings:

  1. It isn't pretty. It's just a curvy two-lane road through mostly industrial parks and refineries.
  2. It passes in front of Houston Raceway Park. Luckily, at the time I passed, the race was evidently in progress. Based on the amount of cars in the various parking lots, I hate to think of the traffic congestion I would have encountered on this two-lane road if the park had just been opening or if the race had just been ending.
  3. There are several railroad tracks and I had to wait for a train to pass at one of them.


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Ah yes, but the best scenery was at the end of your long drive, was it not? In the form of your gorgeous granddaughter!

Lorna said...

Every once in a while, we make the choice to take a not-so-scenic route; I just get to pull out my book, unless of course, I'm driving, in which case, keeping my lips from bleeding and my head from exploding is a bit of a distraction

Laurie said...

Just... - Yes! She laughed out loud this weekend. Adorable!

Lorna - There were a couple of detours, too. I was pretty sure I was totally lost at one point. That was kind of scary.

Adela said...

Well, Laurie, it *used* to be a scenic route. When I was growing up in La Porte, we had a lake house on Sam Rayburn and when we went up there for the weekend, we went that route, through Cove. That was before the bridge was there and 146 was officially routed along what's now Business 146. We took 55/99 over to 1406, then up to 565. It was nothing but fields. There was a grass landing strip near Cove, but it looks like there's a jet runway now at the racetrack. How times change.

Laurie said...

Adela - Wow! Well, it ain't so purty, now.