Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guess what

I hate gyms. I hate waiting for a machine. The machines are all sweaty. Germs! Staph! They stink.


I'm joining a gym.


Susan in St. Paul said...

I used to go to Curves every morning at 6:45am with 2 workout buddies.

It only smelled occasionally and usually of someone with strong perfume. It was very clean and there is no waiting for machines once you are in the circuit. The people there cleaned like mad and the other gym goers were all women.

I always took a shower when I got home, then ate breakfast, dressed and went off to work.

Water aerobics also is fairly stink free and you get all those nice pool chemicals to kill staph.

Belly dance is fairly nice too, though occasionally the floors will be gritty.

Wherever you go just remember to wash your hands frequently, wipe the machines with your towel, don't touch your face and shower afterwards.

Good luck, and happy gym!

Neal said...

I hate gyms too, but it happens to be one of the only things to do where I live. Don't worry too much about the germs, if they don't kill you they will make you stronger.

Laurie said...

Susan - Thanks.

Neal - I bet Antarctica has very special germs. I can't believe it's almost time for you to come home again!

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

To heck with Curves... I say join a gym with hot hot men waiting to "spot" you on the machines. Hahaha. I know you don't lack for men in your life, I'm just talking about eye candy! ;)

Take some Lysol wipes with you and never never never go in the showers there. Always wait until you get home. :)

Laurie said...

Jen - I am definitely more motivated when men are there and they’re really the only ones who’ve ever been able to show me how to use the free weights correctly. I'll probably look into a trainer at first.

My main problem with sharing a gym with guys is that they're always better than me at the step aerobics. :)

Grimm said...

I was waiting for a punch line about someone named Jim.

But then I haven't had much sleep lately.


Adela said...

Come to Curves with me.

Sandy said...

When I lived in Orange, I drove every day to the Health and Wellness Center at Cristus St. Elizabeth. It was awesome and not expensive...never dirty. It's the thing I miss most since I moved.

Laurie said...

Grimm - D'oh! I shoulda thoughta that.

Adela - This is sort of like Curves, except it is 24 hour, has other machines besides the circuit, free tans and it's cheaper.

Sandy - I hear great things about the Wellness Center. I probably should have checked it out before I joined this other place.