Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Love Halloween

Today, as I was driving to my sister's house to pick up both sisters and my niece to do a little Halloween shopping, I saw a waving banana and a shouting clown at the corner of Dowlen and Phelan. They waved and shouted and smiled at me and I waved and smiled and shouted back. I think there should be clowns and gorillas and fruit on random corners of every city waving and shouting and smiling all year long.

The Halloween store was great fun and all of the clerks really seemed to be enjoying their jobs. I walked up to an interesting Beetlejuice/vampire/undead looking guy and asked him, "Do you have anything that looks like a person has been stabbed or hatcheted and the weapon is still sticking out of him?"

He said, "Sure, right over here."

"That would be a totally inappropriate question in any other store, wouldn't it?" I asked.

When I was checking out, I told the cashier, "Oh! I need this Bottle of Blood, too. Wow, I've never said that in a checkout line before."

I love Halloween.


Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

Hahaha. Yes, I love Halloween.

Gorillas and fruit, I might could handle that... Clowns everywhere year round??? I wouldn't leave the house. Even knowing that your dad might be under that makeup couldn't get me to go near one. I'd just collapse into a ball of shaking and crying mush. :/ Clowns are the scariest thing on the face of the earth. Well... maybe not.

pokerboss said...

The last time I saw a waving banana was at Mardi Gras. The waver was escorted away by NOPD.

Laurie said...

Jen - Okay, no clowns for you. :)

Pokerboss - I've seen waving "bananas" in New Orleans, too. It's not as entertaining as one might think.