Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Butterflies and such

You know the whole thing about a butterfly flapping it's wings in Thailand affecting events all over the world?

What affect must a pipeline explosion in my little neck of the woods have on the entire world and not just our immediate surroundings? What about raging fires so immense and intense that their smoke is visible on satellite images far above the earth?

If any of you know me at all, I'm not just speaking of the environmental impact. Every single event, no matter how small, has an affect on subsequent events. Freaky right?

I hate it when my brain gets in one of these loops like when I start projecting my mind back and back and back to the beginning of time and what was in the beginning before the beginning and where did God come from and how big is the universe and how tiny is the universe and...and...?



Anonymous said...

One example. While shopping with one of my sisters at a market, not Laurie, she grabbed me from behind and dragged me off. I immediately began to fuss because I was trying to look at some jewelery. She said, "Wait,wait. Watch those people." They all began to start sniffing and looking at each other. Other sister just starts laughing. So, just think. Because my sister decided to "lay and egg" I didn't get my ring. That ring may have put the seller over the top. Maybe my ring was going to buy him lunch. Oh, the horror!

Laurie said...

Baby Sis - Thank you for specifying that the stealth farter was not me.

Leon J. de la Garza said...

Hey Laurie,
to tell you the truth I thik about stuff like that all the time..
which is the reason im so "in love" with randomness...

Things can happen in a infinite number of ways, but they only happen ONE way... "why?"
you know what I mean?

let me give you an example from me, that makes me think alot..

first a brief history of my life.
i was born, lived in mexico till i was 10 then we moved to malaysia for 4 years than i came back (to mexico), finished highschool, got a job as an english teacher, met my 3 ex girlfriends, got into college, got a job as an AOL rep, then got a job as a web developer (now).

so there.. brief..
We moved to malaysia because my father was sent to work over there..

NOW imagine for a second, that he had chosen not to go...

what would I be now?
and all the things i did?
i wouldnt have learnt english, i wouldnt have worked as an english teacher, hence wouldnt have met any of my 3 ex girlfriends, i probably would have chosen to study a different thing (not software development).


yeah... so basically, the randomness governs our lives..

i once saw in a documentary, that the so called "lucky people", are people who, without knowing, affect the randomness of the universe to their favor..

weird huh?

too much talk..
have a good wednesday

Lorna said...

Have you never seen the many Star Trek episodes that deal with this very thing? If Star Trek can't tell you, and the Bible is slightly unclear, there's always Weird Al.

twit said...

I used to do that, more times than I can even approximate.

Now.. hardly ever.

I seem to have reached a faith in the idea of Eternity; based quite largely on the realisation that I cannot 'get my mind around it'.

Equally silly, perhaps.
But the faith remains.

Many people get upset when they get those flashes of how little they know.

I feel totally reassured.

(still love that hat¦:¬)

Anonymous said...

...and what if we are just the "atoms" of a bigger entity - similar to the scene in MIB where the alien creatures are playing marbles with worlds.

Laurie said...

Leon - Amazing story! Every little decision matters. Scary but wonderful, I suppose.

Lorna - My BFF would confirm the Star Trek thing.

Twit - The magnificence of it all leaves you with a sense of peace? Hmmm. I like that!

Anonymous - Exactly!

Grimm said...

Whoa, you guys are like making my brain hurt. Whatever happened to "If a tree fell on a mime in the woods, would anybody care?"

Laurie said...

Grimm - Hahahaha!