Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ceiling Leak Update - I do have such lovely karma

  • Plumbing company called and scheduled me for an appointment tomorrow. Tomorrow sucks but the girl I spoke with was really nice and nice goes a long way.
  • Plumbing company called back and said they had a cancellation and asked if I could meet the guy in about 10 minutes. Groovy.
  • A really cute plumber was waiting at my door when I got home. Cute is a nice little bonus.
  • After inspection, Cute Plumber says it isn't a plumbing problem, it's an air conditioning problem. Crap.
  • Cute Plumber made the call to my home warranty people who said they will send an air conditioner guy out and I only have to pay one service fee. Double groovy!
  • I thanked the Cute Plumber and told him, "One service fee? That's great and I even get a new ladder out of the deal." (He had forgotten his ladder upstairs.)
  • "Oh, man. Thanks," he said. "I've left more pliers and wrenches at more houses than I can count."
  • "It's that added touch that your company is famous for, right?" I said.
  • He said, "I think the only thing I haven't left behind is the van."
  • Then he drove away into the morning sun. Goodbye, Cute Plumber.
  • As I was finishing up this post, the air conditioner company called and said their guy will be here between 8 and 8:30 tomorrow morning.
  • Damn, I got me some good karma.

Update: 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning and it's all done. My AC main drain line, or some such thing, was clogged. If the insurance claim for my stained ceiling goes as smoothly as this, I'll be happy, happy, happy.

Update: 8:30 a.m. Friday morning and my insurance adjuster has already returned my call and will meet with me next Wednesday. Everyone has been so nice! I highly recommend: Thermacon, Tru Care Plumbing, American Home Shield home warranty company and Farmer's Insurance.


Lorna said...

I've just caught up after a week. Damn, you've got you some good posts.

Adela said...

Tolja it was the a/c. :-) Glad it worked out. Nothing like a hunky guy in your house to make your day! I had a couple of semi-hunky guys show up at my house today to inspect telephone poles. Unfortunately, any hunkiness factor was cancelled out by other factors-- minimal English skills for one and cigarettes for the other.

Anonymous said...

You know, don't you, that he only left the ladder so he'd have a reason to come back later.


Laurie said...

Lorna - Thanks, dah-ling!

Adela - Sounds like the view was nice though.

Ca-Stan-Za - Doh, I'm so dense. No wonder I've been single so long. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm still more excited that I almost got a free ladder. :)

Laurie said...

Ca-Stan-Za - Oh, and I did get the Seinfeld episode reference, by the way. I miss Seinfeld.

George said...

Sure you did.

You can leave your hat on.

Even if it is made of nutria.

Laurie said...

George - Mmmmmm...nutria.

george said...

Nutria. isn't that what they put in the gumbo at Courville's?

Laurie said...

George - Mais oui, mon petit chou.

Adela said...

Is "chou" dog or cabbage?

Laurie said...

Adela - "Chou" is cabbage, "chien" is dog. Neither of which is in the Courville's gumbo, by the way.