Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Does it really come in threes?

I, generally, am a very lucky person. I'm not lucky at gambling or choosing the right line to wait in, but, other than that, I'm pretty lucky.

However, when things happen to me, they happen all at once. I usually have a two or three week period every year where things just go all to hell. I just might be at the beginning of one of those bad luck times.

First my camera broke which is a big deal to me, especially with the new grandbaby coming for a visit this weekend. Now, as we speak, something is dripping from my attic into my hallway right outside my bedroom door. I won't go into my attic to look to see what it is, so all I can do is lay awake, listen to the drip and wonder what the heck is going on up there. Tomorrow, with very little sleep, I'm sure, I'll be dealing with home warranty people and insurance people. Joy.

Sure wish I could take some pictures of the ceiling stains that are already forming. They look like puppies and elephants.


Beguile_Me said...

Laurie, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles! Unfortunately I really do think they come in threes. Case in point: 1) my tires, 2) my washing machine and 3) a drip in our ceiling last week.

However, I keep telling myself that these are little things and when my "threes" are done, I can look forward to a run of good karma.

Here's wishing you good times ahead!

Adela said...

I will bring you my camera if it will help, but I need it back by Thursday evening. It's probably your air conditioner drip pan/line.

Laurie said...

Beguile Me - I definitely have lots of good karma. No worries. :)

Adela - Aren't you sweet. I have an instamatic if I need it.

Adela said...

Oh, such ancient technology! Horrors!

Laurie said...

Adela - I know!