Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In Laurie's Brain

  • I hate the “Pina Colada Song.” It should be called the “Here’s My Foot Up Your Ass” song.

  • Next hurricane evacuation, I’m going Defcon 1 and blatantly ignoring the TX-DOT ban on traveling east or west. I intend to spend my next forced exile sitting in front of a slot machine drinking free Bloody Marys. I will drive either east or west until I’m out of harm’s way. If that means I end up in Atlantic City or Taos, so be it.

  • As you all know by now, hurricanes originate as storms on the African continent which then decide to take a nice warm dip in the Atlantic Ocean. Once in the Atlantic, they get a dose of hot saltwater steroids, then come here to kick our coastal asses. If I were the type to lose sleep over things, this satellite image taken this morning would be one of those things that I would lose sleep over.


Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

Blast you for getting that godforsaken song in my head. You do that to me a lot, you know. :)

Yeah, I'm sure that we are not done with our worrying for this hurricane season.

cathouse teri said...

I came here to take some sort of hero test.

But discovered that I like you, from the title on!

I recently watched "The Full Monty" with my mom. It's one of her favorite movies, so I got it for her 70th birthday. I said, "You get naked men for your birthday!"

I love the end, when they're holding their hats over their yoo-hoo's, they throw the hat off when Tom sings, "You can leave your hat on!"

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I wouldn't go east if I were you. Think Northwest: 76 today, 82 tomorrow, light breezes. How boring.....

Peter said...

That satellite map would appear to be something well worth losing some sleep over.... If you were the type to lose sleep over things.

Laurie said...

Jen - Oops, sorry. :)

Cathouse - Great movie!

Old Horsetail - I hear it's right purty up there, too.

Peter - I know!

Anonymous said...

Ah, tis true. Looks to be the raining season on the savanah.

You know me. I'll be on slot machine right next to you losing my ass as usual. But...with a good little free buzz going on.

Baby sus

Laurie said...

Baby Sis - It's you and me, kid.