Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Me - A to Z (Booze Version)

I had to cheat a little to make some of these fit alphabet-wise and I've never had a Nutty Russian but, hey, it's my list...

A – Absolut Citron Lemon Drop
B – Buttery Nipple
C – Chianti (Bell’agio)
D – Daiquiri from New Orleans daiquiri shop (pina colada/banana mixed)
E – Energy drink with a shot of Tuaca in it
F – Flaming Dr. Pepper (Gold Mine in New Orleans)
G – Gold (Cuervo) shot
H – Hurricane (Pat O'Brien's, of course)
I – Italian margarita
J - Jagermeister
K – Kahlua and Vanilla Vodka
L – Long Island Tea
M – Margarita (Best so far: Perfect Margarita at Margaritaville in New Orleans)
N – Nutty Russian (vodka, Frangelica, Kahlua)
O – Orange vodka and cranberry juice
P – Patron shot
Q – Quarter (French) Hand Grenade (Tropical Isle New Orleans)
R – Red Label Smirnoff Ice
S – Sugar Baby Martini (TEN on Crockett Street)
T – Tanqueray gin and tonic with wedge of lemon and wedge of lime
U – Up All Night (Can of Red Bull and shot of Jagermeister)
V – Vodka (Tanqueray Sterling) and tonic with wedge of lemon and wedge of lime
W – Woo Woo (vodka, cranberry juice and peach Schnapps)
X – X-tra hot Bloody Mary (Ralph & Kacoo’s or Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans)
Y – Yucca-Do Punch (Christy's Christmas party)
Z – Zombie


Donna said...

Very funny. I don't think I'd be able to get past "C"

n8ivwarrior said...


Good stuff!

Laurie said...

Donna - It's embarrassing how quickly I came up with these.

n8ivwarrior - Thanks!