Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gas Prices - Holy Crap!

Click here to see which gas stations are selling the least expensive and most expensive gas in your zip code.


Anonymous said...

I put 10.845 gallons in my car and paid $29.60. BASTARDS (said with tightened fist in the air)

Baby sis

Susan in St. Paul said...

I use
it works on all browsers too!

Saturday night on my way home from dinner I was about an hour outside the cities and I had to get gas. It was $2.60 which seemed a lot at the time, but when I checked the next day on the way to work, it was $2.80 at the "cheap" place! Its even higher now, $2.85!

Yikes, I may never do my road trip.

Baby sis- $2.73/gal is looking kind of nice from here.

ityjg-If the yoyos' jerk, GO!

Bruce -- Harper Blue said...

We just hit $2.899 yesterday in my little town...which is way out in the 'docks, so gas will cost more. But it isn't much better in Birmingham or Tuscaloosa.

At the risk of plugging myself annoyingly, I just posted this today on the gas question.

Lorna said...

Dave drives miles and miles to save gas

Laurie's Mom said...

One thing that helps a little with us is, went you shop at Krogers for your groceries if you spend over $100.00 during the month you can get .10 cents off each gallon you purchase up to 35 gallons. Only thing is I don't know how long they can do this.

Laurie said...

Bonnie - No kidding!

Susan - I sure wish I would have filled up last week instead of Wednesday.

Bruce - Plug away!

Lorna (and Dave) - These days it's worth it.

Mom - I do that now, too.