Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter Everyone!

A few notes:
  1. Dad - We got a good report on my dad. He didn't want me to blog anything yet but I know you guys are wondering. The nasty bit on his pancreas is operable. His next appointment at St. Luke's in Houston (wonderful people!) is in a couple of weeks.
  2. Southeast Texas - I had a comment from a fellow blogger who is transplanted from Southeast Texas to Florida who says he reads my blog when he's homesick. It never occurred to me that people might be doing that so, I'm going to try to include more hometown stuff on this blog.
  3. Kelly and Clay - We had our family crawfish boil yesterday and we missed you guys. I thought Bonnie called you and Bonnie thought I called you. Hopefully, you guys had other plans and it's not our fault you missed it. Hell, let's just have another crawfish boil. This big kiss and extra Happy Easter go out to you and the kids and mom and dad and brothers and sisters and anybody you want to kiss for me.
  4. Radio Free Texas - Check out my new button on the sidebar for Radio Free Texas (thanks Jack) and support Texas music. That's an order.
  5. Annual Pre-Easter Crawfish Boil, After 8 and Cam Pyle - The crawfish boil was great fun and it was wonderful seeing all of our family and friends. After the crawfish boil, we watched a DVD slideshow my sister's husband, Dan (my favorite brother-in-law), made of some of our New Orleans pictures taken over the last twelve years. We then went out to The Back Room to see After 8 (a bunch of ex-Jive Train guys and they were fantastic!) and then to Antone's to catch Cam Pyle's last three songs. Check your voice mail because drunken messages were left. Mucho pictures will follow.

Love to everyone and Happy Easter!!!


Lorna said...

Happy Easter! Is it crawfish boil time already? I can't keep up. Good news about your dad. (Heart), which I used to know how to do in html, but I had to let that piece of info go so that I could remember where I now keep the white sugar.

Laurie said...

Lorna - Moving is so much fun, isn't it?

Peter said...

Good news about your Dad Laurie.

Laurie said...

Peter - Very good news.

Claybob said...

Okay, without upsetting anyone(i hope)we didn't know for sure if y'all had the boil or not. We didn't hear from anyone and didn't want to bother y'all.We weren't sure how Red was or maybe other things came up.Please don't be mad at us for not showing up. We are soooo glad to hear about Red situation,sounds real good!!!! But...... I can't beleive y'all went to Cam Pyle,grrrrrrrr. Did they play my song? For anybody reading this they play a version of "Sweet Caroline" that rocks. Anyhow,thanks for the thouhgts. Love always, Claybob

Laurie said...

Clay - That makes it totally our fault then.

We went to see Cam Pyle totally at the last minute. We didn't get to Antone's until well after midnight. If they played Sweet Caroline, we missed it.

Next time they're in town, you and Kelly's drinks are on me!