Thursday, April 27, 2006

Big Bear

I've received these pictures by e-mail a couple of times this week so you might have already seen them. Here are two stories that go along with the pictures:
Snopes (Be careful on this link. There is a particularly gruesome picture at the bottom.)
Truth or Fiction


Neal said...


web_loafer said...

I followed the story you made me aware of here, and it saved me a lot of money.

I was planning on using some of my retirement time, (a couple of years from now) planning an Alaskan hunt.

Of course I would be hunting deer.

This story and the subsequent links and stories gave me some of the excitement of that day. Hey, I can now use that money I was planning to spend on the Alaskan hunt, to go to San Francisco and.....what can you do in San Francisco anymore, scratch that plan, they are so anti-American there, I wouldn't even visit any of our nations military jewels there. I'll go elsewhere, and suggest to everyone who loves this nation to avoid San Francisco, until Americans can feel welcome there.

My how I digress, but your blog article started me thinking, and I'll try to put the brakes on.

Laurie said...

Neal - He's a big one!

Web Loafer - Glad I got you're brain moving. :)