Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Administrative Assistants Day

We had our annual Administrative Assistants Day celebration at work today. We enjoyed a catered barbeque lunch, complete with pecan pie and apple cobbler for dessert, and 15 minute upper body massages.

The massages were given by paid professionals and not by the attorneys which would have been a nice touch. All during my massage, the therapist had to remind me to breath. I’m also constantly in need of the drink-plenty-of-water reminder.

I'm a mammal, for God's sake. Should drinking water and breathing really be such a challenge?


thenewmrsf said...

Some days they ARE...'specially the breathing part. Our boss is in the Bahamas today, so we had to treat ourselves to lunch. 'Round here, it's Happy "I'm Loaded and Have My Name On The Door" Day. Now, Carmela's Mexican Restaraunt is good & all, but being fed a catered lunch & getting massaged afterwards beats it by a landslide! I'm very glad you guys were remembered & appreciated. Happy AAs day to you, too, my friend, glad to hear it's going well!

Marinade Dave said...

I think without drinking water and breathing, the real challenge would be to stay alive.

neil said...

That kind of reminds me of the blonde at the party who was wearing a pair of earphones. A guy crept up behind her and ripped the earphones off. The blonde turned around with a startled look on her face, then turned blue, then purple and fell dead to the floor. The guy was kinda stunned by it all and put on the headphones to listen.

"Breathe in.....Breathe out....."

Lorna said...

massage? catered lunch? just because you belong to Alcoholics Anonymous?

Susan in St. Paul said...

Laurie- it would depend on the lawyer, not all of them have a nice touch (or are nice to touch....)

Forgetting to breathe and drink water does seem relatively easy, however I can totally understand as I recently forgot NOT to eat things that make me sick!

Lorna- I don't think Laurie would last long in AA

Laurie said...

Mrs. F - Happy Admin Assist Day to you!

Dave - Sometimes I'm borderline on that one, too.

Tanked Up Taco - Oh, that's a good one!

Lorna - Different AA - :)

Susan -

Regarding the lawyer's touch: It would be worth it just to watch some of them squirm from embarrassment. (Sorry guys. :) )

Regarding sick from food: Hope you're feeling better and you should stop doing that.

Regarding AA: Hats off and lots of respect to all those who do stick to it.