Friday, February 27, 2009


  • Why are there so many truck commercials?

  • Why do car salesmen yell in those commercials?

  • Why do 90% of the men in Texas think they have to have a truck?

  • Why do 80% of those men think their truck has to be able to pull a train engine?

  • Why do truck commercials use the same Bob Seeger/Toby Keith/some other tough guy song for their theme song way longer than they should?

  • Why do these things annoy me so?


Laurie's Mom said...

Hi dear, what makes your Dad laugh is in the commercials they drive these trucks over the dirtest, roughest part of the country at 90 miles an hour. Then when you are behind one going over a small railroad track they go 10 miles an hour as if their truck will fall apart. My verification word was "Redne" Funny

Lorna said...

It riles you because, for the most part, and I say this with love, you are a tasteful woman.

Steve said...

Mostly, we need a truck because our wives expect us to bring home the latest thing they can't live without. It may come from Macy's, an estate sale or a dumpster behind Goodwill, but when it's time to bring it home, we'd better be ready. On a completely different note, I am curious to see what kind of hits you get from the phrase "pull a train" in your post.

Zina said...

The commercials are made for men, so when they piss off women it enourages them even more to go out and buy a truck. Most times the women end up trying to drive the kids around in them.
I'm like your mom, when these trucks are out in real life they are NEVER used the way they are shown on the commercials. Men suffer from delusions of grandeur and big egos...maybe in their minds the railroad tracks are big hills!!!

Laurie said...

Mom and Zina - I know!!!

Lorna - Thanks. :)

Steve - There are times when I need a truck. Very true.