Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's do it again

Search your name and the word "wants." These are much better than my Laurie "needs."

  • Laurie wants to rule the dial.
  • Laurie wants to raise awareness.
  • Laurie wants her hooves buffed.
  • (Hugh) Laurie wants my body.
  • Laurie wants to make the event as pleasurable and fun as possible.
  • Laurie wants to ride motorcycle across the U.S.
  • Laurie wants to stop the runaway train.
  • Laurie wants you to kick ass.
  • Laurie wants to know what you're going to do with the baton in your hands.
  • Laurie wants to learn more about this girl who she finds out is her sister.
  • Laurie wants to update her blog but is just too lazy.


Jack said...

Jack wants a snack, damn it!
Jack wants fans in the seats.
Jack wants it to be No. 1 in China.
Jack wants to be a star.
Jack wants a family to protect.
Jack wants obnoxious CBB housemates.
Jack wants them behind bars.
Jack wants change.
What Jack wants, Jack gets.

Laurie said...

Jack has high aspirations.

Anonymous said...

Baby Sis:

Bonnie wants to play bubby
Bonnie wants to fly away
Bonnie wants to be a mum
Bonnie wants to join us
Bonnie wants stew
Bonnie wants in on the action

Inca From Peru said...

Inca wants:

• to be Patrimony of the Humanity
• revenge at the double
• Knuspertachen
• you on my team
• to travel
• to kill them all (Spaniards, I presume)
• to lie
• to insure that all county Soil and Water Conservation Districts will benefit
• a fast-run race
• to end the 'Long Night' of the dark primordial world, filled with carnivorous caymans and huge vampire bats

Laurie said...

Bonnie and Inca - I love these.