Saturday, February 28, 2009

  • My Netflix queue currently has 314 items in it.

  • I add at least 5 items a week to the queue.

  • I watch 1 Netflix movie/television show selection per week.

  • Sometimes I don't even watch that much.

  • It would take me over 6 years to watch the 314 items currently in my queue at one movie/tv show per week.

  • It would take me over 12 years to watch the 314 NetFlix thingys if I only watch one thingy every other week.

  • Adding 5 new movies per week puts an additional 260 movies in my queue every year

  • If I only watch one Netflix item per week, at the end of 6 years I will have 1,560 movies in my queue, because I can never watch as much as I add.

  • Crap.


Steve said...

Maybe you should have given up adding to the queue for Lent. Then again, maybe you should only add titles during Lent!

Laurie said...

Steve - both good ideas, but it really wouldn't help because I would just keep a list and add them after Lent.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I gave up on our Netflix-like subscription. Not enough hours in the day for movies right now :-(

Laurie said...

Just - I would cancel, but I hate to lose all the time I've put into the queue.