Monday, February 09, 2009

Bad Chocolate

Chocolate Pearls
Do people really like these?

Chocolate Lip Gloss
Not as yummy as it sounds.

Chocolate Candle
Also, not as yummy as it sounds.

Chocolate Mint
I don't like chocolate and mint together. Blech.

Dark or Bittersweet Chocolate
How could anything called bittersweet possibly be a good thing?

Dark Chocolate...and Mint
No, no, no.

Orange and Chocolate
No, no, no, no.

Orange and Chocolate and Mint
No, no, no, no, no.

Chocolate Bubblegum
I can't even imagine who thought this up.

Chocolate Mint Bubblegum
Not no, but hell no.


Inca From Peru said...

Um, is this some kind of hint?

Susan in St. Paul said...

More like a sledgehammer ;-)

I used to hate chocolate oranges, but I had one not so long ago and it was okay.

(can I put in my order for cadbury mini eggs?)

Apartment for Peggy said...

I'm with you 70%

ms. e said...

I looooove chocolate oranges and chocolate mints. Brian thinks I'm a sicko, but I just like it.

Chocolate bubblegum does sound disgusting. :p

Laurie said...

Inca - More of an anti-hint.

Susan - Mmmm...Cadbury.

Peggy - Not a bad score.

Jen - I think most people do like chocolate and mint or there wouldn't be so many different varieties of it.

Peter said...

Love chocolate/mint (but not as bubblegum).
Thanks for your comments about our awful bushfires.

Steve said...

So if one wanted you for their Valentine, Plain Old Milk Chocolate that is neither jewelry, a beauty product or a light source might be the way to go?

Laurie said...

Peter - I hope you and your family continue to be okay.

Steve - I'm more a fan of fudgy chocolate than milk chocolate.

katie said...


Laurie said...

Katie - Hi, Katie-Poo!

katie said...

helloooo aunt funny honey

Laurie said...

Katie - Hello beautiful Katie!!

Leslie said...

I was given a sample of that chocolate gum at the grocery store once. ICK! It was so terrible, I had to make Dave try it.

Laurie said...

Leslie - Hahahahaha!!!