Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Should Laurie Give Up For Lent?

It's Mardi Gras time which means Lent is just around the corner. Lots of good Catholics and semi-good Catholics like me, give up something for Lent.

Selfishly, as is my way, I try to give up things that will force me to either save money or cut back on calories and sometimes both at the same time. A couple of years ago I gave up unnecessary shopping and created a small movement known as N.U.N.S. (No Unnecessary Needless Shopping). For the forty days of Lent, I didn't purchase CDs, books, DVDs, junky junk, video games, clothes, etc. It's more difficult than it sounds.

Last year (or maybe it was the year before), I gave up drinking. That was much easier than the no shopping thing. This year, I'm considering giving up something which will probably be the most difficult of all and which will likely make me extremely unpopular among my friends: no eating out for lunch during the work week.

Exceptions will be made to the no lunch thing for family gatherings, however. There are no exceptions to the no drinking thing...not even Courville's concerts. The only exception I allow myself to the no shopping thing is that if my one pair of black pants or brown shoes or black flats gets ruined for some reason, I can replace them.

I'll let you decide. For those of you who vote for "all of the above," God will get you and keep in mind that karma is a bitch.


Rebecca Hickman said...

My lent thing is usually just to go to church more often.

Cool poll.

Jack said...

I think this year I'll give up restraint, discretion, moderation and sobriety.

Laurie said...

Rebecca - I try to do that year round. I'm not very successful.

Jack - How will I be able to tell?

ms. e said...

Try to do it all - challenge yourself! :)

As a non-Catholic married to a semi-good Catholic, I usually have to give up whatever Brian gives up. I try to be supportive. :)

Inca From Peru said...

For the last several years, I become a daily communicant during Lent. It is really kind of fun.

My work schedule varies, so I keep a laminated copy of Mass schedules for all the parishes in the area on me, to make sure I don't miss a day. I end up going to different churches all over the area, which is kind of cool. Hopefully I get something deeper out of all of it, too.

I used to give stuff up for Lent, like drinking, but then I realized I'd just double up from Easter Sunday on, making up for lost opportunities. Which I don't think is really the idea.

Laurie's Mom said...

Of course, Mom voted for no Drinking. And would love to see you in church more. Come hear our Handbell Ensemble place at Mass.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Tough choice!

I wonder if I could give up blogging.

PS I'd love to hear the handbell ensemble piece.

Lorna said...

I haven't thought about Lent in a long time but once during Lent I was prohibited from speaking for 3 days, but I knew sign language. That would have been much more of a whoop if anybody else in my class knew it too

Laurie said...

Thanks everybody!!