Sunday, February 15, 2009

And you thought I couldn't do it

A week or so ago, I did this post and there were doubters (Steve) who thought I wouldn't be able to conquer such an intensive schedule of events. With the exception of "The Rat Pack" which Mary Beth and I never got around to and Mardi Gras and the February alumni gathering which haven't happened, yet, I rocked them all.

All of Dick's bands (Badfaith, Longneck Road, Madison Monroe) were terrific, as usual. Ray Wylie Hubbard was great in the newly remodeled Courville's. Check out the Courville's schedule for upcoming shows.

As fantastic as all of that was, the highlight of my week was the discovery of the band I saw tonight. Evidently, they've been around a couple of years, but I had never seen them before. The band is called Simple Logic and the lead singer is the best I've ever seen locally and I've seen lots and lots and lots of incredible local talent in my day.

His covers of Maroon 5, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Eric Clapton, Train, Dishwalla, Matchbox 20 and so many others that I can't even remember were perfection. Then, as if all that weren't enough, to top it all off, he did Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."

Upcoming: Kinky Friedman at Courville's and Simple Logic opening for Billy Bob Thornton's band at Whiskey River. I'll keep you posted.

Also: Thank you, Beaumont, for being non-smoking. Four bars in four nights would not have been nearly as enjoyable drenched in smoke.

Bar/Club/Cafe recommendation: You should check out the Logon Cafe. Good food, nice people, interesting beer and wine selection. Ever had a Hoegardden beer or a Tercos Malbec wine? You can get both at the Logon and I highly recommend the turkey melt.


ms. e said...

Way to go, Laurie! I wish I could have been there to go with you, although I probably wouldn't have made it through all that - I'm a lightweight!

Steve said...

Can you substantiate this Billy Bob rumor? I'd like to see that one, I think. I talked to Big Rich today and it was news to him. BTW - I tried putting us at the same table for the Kinkster. We'll see if either of us actually have a table this time.

Big Ol' Buick said...

Re: Billy Bob Thornton. I talked to one of the Simple Logic guys again. It is the Dixie Dance Hall, not Whiskey River, and they said that BBT is for sure, but whether they will actually get to open is still up in the air. However, can't vouch for any of that being exactly correct. Don't know the alleged date.

Laurie said...

Ms. E - We'll visit soon...I hope.

Steve and Big Ol' Buick - According to Billy Bob Thornton's site, he'll be playing at Scout Bar in Houston and San Antonio, so my guess is that he'll be at Scout Bar. Just a guess.

Steve said...

Looks like July 27th might be a possibility for BBT. It's an open date between Austin and Baton Rouge. Half way would be just west of Winnie. Maybe he'll do an outdoor gig in a gator swamp near Anahuac. I've been to concerts in worse places.

Laurie said...

Steve - Those dates are from 2008. I was looking at the wrong schedule.

Steve said...

Here's the scoop on Billy Bob Thornton: just in case that doesn't work, its March the 20th at the Dixie. seems like that's the same week as Fred and Kinky. Sorry if you've already published this and I missed it.

Laurie said...

Steve - There's also a tribute band at Scout Bar that night. Save your quarters and we'll hit them both!