Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Laurie Needs

This might be old, but it's the first time I've seen it. Go to your favorite search engine and type your name and the word "needs." For example, "Laurie needs." Here are some of mine:

  1. Laurie needs to read the CBE Certification.
  2. Laurie needs a crash helmet.
  3. Laurie needs help.
  4. Laurie needs to lose weight.
  5. Laurie needs flight school.
  6. Laurie needs a haircut.
  7. Laurie needs in on this.
  8. Laurie needs her days off, too.
  9. Laurie needs to update more often.
  10. Laurie needs no introduction.

Leave me some of your favorites for your name in the comments.


Jack said...

Jack needs a girlfriend.
Jack needs Viagra.
Jack needs a home.
Jack needs a date.
Jack needs a campaign slogan.

So Jack's a lonely, impotent, homeless politician?

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Well, apparently I need:

-a job
-a room
-to think of customer satisfaction
-to realize that she will have to work overtime to pay for the rent

Let's just not go there...

Jack, LOL!

Laurie said...

Jack and Just - Hahahahaha!!!! Those are great!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie nees:
...a Wii
...to eat on Flickr
...a battery
...needs to pee
This one actually said,
"BigButtBonnie needs a partner in Crime."

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Your "Laurie needs" popped up when I searched for my Laurie needs list. Weird world ain't it??

Laurie said...

Big Butt Bonnie - HAHAHAHA!!

Anonymous (Laurie?) - How funny is that?!

Steve said...

Steve Needs A Place To Park.
Steve needs to save his pennies!
Steve needs a morality transplant.
Steve needs to find a squirrel hitman.

Damn Squirrels!

Inca From Peru said...

Inca needs:

• a lot of water

• to hire and retain excellent people

• a home

• an opportunity to upload the calibrations

• someone to step up and volunteer to be a Vice-Commodore

• an adjustment to eliminate snipe

• 40 subdivisions

• 55 tons of fertilizer

• to be inserted into a membrane compartment

• to be busy

ms. e said...

Jen needs human anatomy lessons.
Jen needs a muzzle.
Jen needs to find herself a baller.
Jen needs help.
Jen needs to use the bathroom.
Jen needs to take some time and be by herself.


(Jack - HAHAHAHAAA!!!)

Laurie said...

Steve, Inca and Ms. E - I love these!

Anonymous said...

Jack maybe if you'd get that Viagra you'd get that girlfriend...LOL
Too funny.

Baby sister

Laurie said...

Baby sister - Hahahaha!!! Poor Jack.