Saturday, May 19, 2007

Terry Got a New Job and Bonnie Wins $100 in a Dance Contest!

Note to Laurie, you dumbass: Never, never, never leave home without your camera.

Last night, we went out to Crockett Street to celebrate my sister Terry getting a new job. She's absolutely thrilled and we're thrilled for her. We started out at Rio Rita's where we met some of her friends from her current job that I've never met before. They were very nice and lots of fun and it might be a long time before Terry sees them again.

I didn't have my camera. Crap.

It was the five year anniversary of the opening of Crockett Street and there was a huge beautifully painted Girls Gone Wild bus parked in front of Bobbie McGee's where there would be a foam party later.

I didn't have my camera. Dang it.

There was the unveiling of David Litchenstein of Big Daddy's Choppers' Lethal Threat Chopper. All I know about motorcycles and choppers has been taught to me by Jack while walking among all the bikes on Crockett Street after many nights of many cocktails. So, while it was a great looking bike, the crowd was way more impressed than I was by way more things than I could begin to understand.

Yep. No camera.
(However, you can go to the Hog Wild Bar website to see pictures. For some reason, every time I try to create a direct link to the site, it deletes part of this post so, here's the link so you can do that copy/past thingy:

After our little group winning many trivia questions (prize: a drink AND a shot) and me winning a basketball bet with Jack, it was time for the 80's Dance Contest which Terry coerced Bonnie into entering. Terry danced first followed by five unknowns (unknown to us, that is) including the defending dance contest champion and a little tiny young girl with some fabulous stripper moves. The little tiny young girl danced right before Bonnie. Bonnie told the DJ (Lee Pelly who, by the way, rocks on oh so many, many levels), that she couldn't follow that. Lee told her, "You can do it, Bonnie! Just dance!" Well, as you can guess from the title, Bonnie kicked 80's music dance butt and won $100! The audience went wild!!!

No fucking camera.


Larry Jones said...

Frankly, I don't believe any of this. What proof do you have? How gullible do you think we are?

Laurie said...

Larry - The voices in my head said no one would notice.

Laura said...

I have to admit that before I started reading your blog I never had the smallest wish to visit Crockett Street on a Friday night.

Laura said...

That is to say, you make it sound fun!

Gnightgirl said...

Great. I left the card reader with the memory card stuck in my computer at work, Friday night, and have been hyperventilating over it all weekend. This does not comfort me!

But sure sounds like you guys had a great time! Do it again.

Leslie said...

Sounds like a great night. Glad you had fun.

TexasGal said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Pictures would have been nice. :-p

Laurie said...

Laura - Some nights are more fun than others but I don't think I've ever had a bad night out there in 5 years.

Gnight Girl - Yes! A re-do!

Leslie - Great fun.

Texas Gal - :)

Laura said...

Laurie, would you not consider the night Jack hurt his back again as a bad night? :-(

Still, one bad night in five years is a pretty good ratio.

Laurie said...

Laura - On the whole, even Jack would tell you that was a good night...except for the back thing. Plus, it created one heck of a memory.