Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco de Oh-My-Oh

Last night was a double header of celebrations out at Crockett Street. First was Christi's 40th birthday party at Bobbie McGee's then it was a rehearsal of Jen's bachelorette party at the Star Bar. That's all the details I have since I celebrated the evening by drinking Black Russians with Melissa and they leave huge holes in my memory. Check out the slideshow below and you'll know as much as I do about the evening.


TexasGal said...

I love looking at pictures. Looks like y'all had so much fun!

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

That was so much fun! I want you to e-mail me some of those, OK? :)

neil said...

Looks like a great night, with you taking a few for the team! I'm sure I've seen that uncomfortable chair somewhere else...but I really don't want to talk about it.

laura1814 said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun on your Texas trip, Jen!

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

I always have fun when I come see friends and family - no matter where we are.

BTW, Texas is not just a trip, it's a state of mind. I never have left.

8th Generation Texan

Laurie said...

Texas Gal - We sure did.

Jen - Check out Flickr on my sidebar. I think you can save them from there.

Neil - Those chairs were awful in about 10 different ways.

Laura - We always have fun.

Jen - I'm ready for a "Louisiana trip." ;)

Sophmom said...

Dang, I've been gone too long. You've been busy, walkin' and takin' pictures (lots o' poo pics!) and having what appears to be way more fun than I have.

I think I've caught up and I thought about taking that how well do you know Laurie quiz way back there, but was intimidated by all the high scores. I'll just have to catch the next one.

Peace, darlin'.

se7en said...

Nice photos! Cool, I like that photo slide thingy!

If you're coming to N.O. we'll have to get in touch!

Laurie said...

Sophmom - All caught up? Off we go then...

Se7en - I'm lobbying for a New Orleans bachelorette party! I will defintely let you know.