Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Go North, Young Woman!

For this afternoon's walk, I decided to just go north for 15 minutes then turn around and go home. My goal was to find a Victorian house I once drove past. I never did find the house but I found a place called Longwood Villas.

I had no idea those "villas" were back there. It was a lovely little area of garden homes with a huge sign that said "No Trespassing." So, I went in. When I got toward the back of the neighborhood, I saw a house with the street number 5666 and heard some huge dogs barking. I decided it was time to leave Longwood Villas.

So far today, I only have 6500 steps. I'm starting to have absurd thoughts like getting up early and walking 30 minutes in the morning as well as 30 minutes in the evening in order to make my 10,000 steps. That's just crazy talk.


TexasGal said...

Love all the pictures. It's almost like being home.

Lorna said...

Isn't that a hoot?

Susan in St. Paul said...

Hey Laurie- you don't have to do 10,000 steps everyday, only Jack has to if one of us does it ;-)

*onasbpod- one not as silly but plenty of dishiness!

Peter said...

Loved your slide shows, so I did one too.

Grimm said...

What no poo?!? It's an outrage!

Laurie I just love how you make the simplest things so damn funny.

laura1814 said...

How long is this crazy walking thing supposed to be going on? What happens if none of you make your 10K a day? Do you build up a deficit?

se7en said...

You do realize that you're only about 1000 steps away from OCD right? LOL Yeah, that is just crazy talk, you don't want people to think you're some kind of heretic do you? hehe

Laurie said...

Texas Gal - Awww!

Lorna - I love it!

Susan - Oh!

Peter - I'm going check it out.

Grimm - I love that you love it.

Laura - Bored already?

Se7en - I am definitely on the road to pedometer OCD.