Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Am the Center of the Universe and I Think I'll Leave My Hat On

As you may have noticed, I changed the theme of my blog from missing New Orleans to leaving my hat on. I do not miss New Orleans any less and I don't have a helluva lot of hats. The reason for the new half-a-hat profile pic and new theme song is way too random and convoluted to be of any interest to you. However, this little story might (or might not) interest you.

I had a paragraph at the center of the blog post below (about Bonnie winning the dance contest) concerning my new theme song. When I tried to update that post with a link this morning, for some reason a paragraph disappeared. I feel that the paragraph is far too cosmically important and proof that I am the center of the universe to not retell the incident in its very own post. That way, you can all leave your comments of astonishment, amazement, shock and the ever present awe.

When Jack arrived at the Star Bar Friday night, what song do you suppose was playing? Sure, it was 80's night but out of the thousands of songs that could have been playing when he walked into the bar looking for me, the song that was playing was "You Can Leave Your Hat On." Not only was it "You Can Leave Your Hat On," it was the very same version I have playing on this blog. You're probably listening to it right now as we speak; or I should say, as you read.

Jack didn't see us right away, so I had to chase him down by embarrassingly running after him across and around the bar (he didn't see that part). When I caught up to him, he said, "I knew you were in here when I walked in and that song was playing."

I said, "Oh, that's weird. That's not just weird. That's freaky weird. That's like movie weird."

He said, "Yep."

I said, "I told you I was the center of the universe."

He said, "I guess you are."

I guess I am.


Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

You know I love weird stuff like that. :)

Peter said...

Hi Laurie, that's movie weird!!! I prfer the Phil Collins version myself.

TexasGal said...

I love that song too. I have it in my iPod. But that story is kinda "Twilight Zone" weird.

Laurie said...

Jen - I know! Isn't that wild?

Peter - I also like the Tom Jones version. It's just a great song.

Texas Gal - Isn't it though?!

Leslie said...

I'm going to accept this as proof that you are the center of the universe just to show my ex-husband that it isn't him.

Laurie said...

Leslie - Oh, my God! In 2 1/2 years of comments on this blog, that is one of the best!!