Monday, May 28, 2007


Right on cue (12:22 a.m.), the damn bird is back. I'm in my den, television on, computer websites making various computer website noises and I can still hear the sunovabitch. Crap.


Neal said...

I hate birds. That's one pet I never wanted as a kid.

Comfort Addict said...

Careful. The bird will learn how to imitate the websites soon.

Laura said...

Nature loves you.

Have you tried turning off outdoor floodlights/security lights? I think that confuses them.

Laura said...

Or you could just try earplugs.

Susan in St. Paul said...

I vote earplugs with Laura. I have some nice purple ones.

Maybe its talking the websites on your computer?

There used to be a mockingbird that would walk up to my balcony screen door and imitate my guinea pig. The first time it happened my guinea pig was climbing her cage, freaked out and let go! She was limping a bit so we went off to the vet.
Explaining what happened was fun... no I didn't drop her, yes, I know most guinea pigs don't climb but this one does, and she got scared by a bird making guinea pig sounds.

Laurie said...

Neal - I hate birds, too. They're all so peck-y. And, those beady eyes!

Comfort Addict - Hahahahahaha!!!

Laura - No, nature hates me. I tried turning off my porchlight. It just made him louder. I guess he figured the girl birdies couldn't see him.

Laura and Susan - No earplugs. Hate 'em.

Susan - I don't like hamsters or gerbils or mice or anything vermin-ish either.

Wow, I do appear to be a bit cranky this morning don't I? I'm not cranky, you understand, I just appear that way.

Susan in St. Paul said...

Laurie- I thought you just hated bright orange ear plugs.

I don't like hamsters or gerbils either, don't like rodents. I do like Cavies.

I saw about 4 turtles at the zoo the other day, and I thought 4 turtles, ha!, they need at least 20!

I am not exactly grumpy this morning, but I am a bit slow moving and sleepier than normal. I should have probably gone to bed when narration the Life of Brian started...

Laura said...

Laurie, I can understand why you dislike earplugs, if my recent painful experience with "earbuds" is anything to go by. I guess I need child-sized ones. But have you ever tried the foam earplugs? I got some when I took the bar and still use them when travelling. They are very comfortable.

Laurie said...

Susan and Laura - Thanks.

Grimm said...

Laurie, maybe there is some important message this bird is trying to relay to you.

You know, a little birdy told you?

Thank you, thank you - I'm here all week. Try the veal.

Laurie said...

Grimm - That's funny but you believe in the weird stuff like me. You just might be right.