Friday, August 11, 2006

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This show is hilarious. I just discovered it (thanks Carly) but the website says the season finale is next week. If you have an opportunity to catch up on the episodes, do it. I have to catch up myself. It's on FX on Thursday nights.


Lorna said...

I can only get that show if I pay a horrendous cable plus fee. I've heard it's worth it though.
Good news about your dad.
Bad news about some of those pairings in TV land...I'M not a big sitcom fan, but I'd pick up William Petersen or Vincent d'Onofrio's keys

Laurie said...

I could definitely see you wrestling me for William Petersen's keys. :)

pokerboss said...

I've got most of these on the DVR. If you need any episodes, I could burn you a DVD when I get back from my job interview in NEW ORLEANS!

CT said...

I managed to snag a review copy DVD of the first few episodes of the debut season. Wasn't overly impressed. I wondered if the addition of Danny DeVito this season helped, but wasn't curious enough to make time for it.

Laurie said...

Pokerboss - Good news, bad news, good news! Good news - I can get episodes; bad news - you guys might move to New Orleans; good news - you guys might move to NEW ORLEANS!!!!!!!!! Wow, wow and wow! Good luck...I guess. I'm very conflicted in this, as you can tell. :)

CT - Since I didn't see last season, I'm not sure about the affect of Danny DeVito's addition. It is definitely the kind of show that wouldn't appeal to everyone. However, my sense of humor is definitely on the strange side.