Tuesday, August 01, 2006

In Laurie's Brain - Haiku

I love Haiku...

Car salesman person,
Why must you scream like a fool?
Your face annoys me.

Fear of a big storm
Ironically makes me crave
Pat O. Hurricanes.

Mr. Mel Gibson
Oh, what shall become of you?
Must you act the fool?

Oh, the baby newt!
Why was it in my bathroom?
I killed the fucker.


Susan in St. Paul said...

There are newts in Beaumont? I like newts.

Al said...


Laurie said...

Susan - I like newts...if they stay outside.

Al - :)

Peter said...

It seems that Mel might be headed for that big storm Laurie.

Danno said...

That little curl on Mel's forhead is unsettling to me somehow. I'll bet the Jews were responsible. (I know, that was in bad taste. I completely blame my long bout with alcoholism.)

Lorna said...

Gorgeous Beaumont one
Always making me laugh
Martini yourself.

Jack said...

I started to post something about Mel here, but I decided to make my obwn blog entry out of it.

I know you'll welcome the shameless self-promotion, so I'll take advantage of you're far greater audience and try to post a link:


Jack said...

I tried to do a hot link, but it wouldn't let me. Paste it into the address bar folks. Laurie would want you to.

Laurie said...

Peter - I think he's already there.

Danno - Bad taste is always welcome and, in fact, encouraged here.

Lorna - Lovely! Thanks!!

Jack! - Shameless self-promotion is so unlike you. You better head over that way now, folks.