Friday, August 11, 2006

Classic TV Sex Party - Part 2

The comments on the previous post are already hilarious. Be sure you read them...and add your own either here or there.

Sudie Girl suggests we come up with some bedroom conversations between the couples. You can also leave those either here or there. Her script between The Professor and Pinky Tuscadero is classic.

Larry Jones reminds us that June Cleaver and Fred Sanford will get along just fine since June speaks jive.

My Baby Sis likes the idea of the power that would be created between Endora and Thurston Howell, III.

I, personally, was intrigued by the cosmic pairing of Archie Bunker and Louise Jefferson. Now, that could be one wild bedroom scene in any number of ways.

Any other ideas? Don't be shy folks. You know these characters as well as you know your own families. Get freaky with me.


gnightgirl said...

I was amused at the idea of an encounter with the sex-starved Helen Roper and Latin lothario Ricky Ricardo. She'd turn him inside out, baby!

Laurie said...

GnightGirl - I thought that was a good combo for both of them. :p

Plus, Mr. Roper got Miss Kitty. I'm sure she showed him a few tricks that Mrs. Roper will get to take advantage of later.

so said...

Ted Baxter would be looking in a mirror and Chrissie would be swinging her hair - nothing would happen in the bedroom. Neither one would know how!

Ditto with Gilligan and Laura Petrie. Laura would be too busy saying, "Oh Gilligan."

Murphy Brown would totally intimidate Oliver Douglas - might be some s & m in their bedroom!

Laurie said...

SO - Excellent commentary. We might need you for the play-by-play later.

Kaci said...

One must wonder if Louise & Archie didn't rig the drawing, however... you know, they WERE neighbors for some time. Maybe Archie's grand standing/racism was just a cover for the WILD AFFAIR he & Weezie were having while George was at work...

Laurie said...

Kaci - I like the way you think.