Monday, November 05, 2007

Now, isn't that nice?

I heard a radio commercial for a "gentlemen's club" and wondered what genius came up with such a sophisticated name for such an unsophisticated place. Granted, some of those "gentlemen's clubs" put in a great deal of effort in an attempt to spruce up the place, but lets be realistic. It's still a strip joint.

I have a few other suggestions to upgrade the names of a few other things:

  • Complimentary Governmental Income Compliance Meeting - IRS audit
  • Alfresco Bladder Evacuation Unit - outhouse
  • Human Population Control Organism - black plague


40 Forever said...

What a great song! Whose version do you like the best?
BTW, I'm married to a Beaumont boy. What year did you graduate Westbrook?

Peter said...

I see that "In Laurie's brain" is still a dangerous place to be sometimes.

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

I have thought about this too! Why call it a gentleman's club when nothing remotely gentlemanly goes on in there?

Laurie said...

40 Forever - I graduated from high school in Port Arthur (Thomas Jefferson 1974). My son, however, graduated from Westbrook in 1999.

Peter - You just now figured that out? :)

Jen - I know!!! Drives me nuts. Who do they think they're kiddin?

Leon J. de la Garza said...

i specifically liked the black plague one..!


Laurie said...

Leon - Thanks. :)

TexasGal said...

LOL! I liked your other examples.

Laurie said...

Texas Gal - Thanks. :)