Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Rock. I Ran.

Gravity is not my friend. When presented with the opportunity and the perfect set of imperfect circumstances, my body will fall down and usually break something.

When I was three years old, I broke my leg.

In 3rd grade, I cracked a kneecap.

In 4th grade I cracked a bone in my wrist.

I've had at least three sprained ankles (maybe more).

In 1997, I broke my foot (but that didn't stop me from going to New Orleans).

Being so prone to breakage, I haven’t run anywhere of my own accord since high school gym class. By the way, running in airports, chasing freedom seeking dogs and herding rampant children does not count as “of my own accord."

As you may recall from a couple of posts back, I have joined a fitness center. You will all be happy and surprised to learn that I have successfully completed three workouts (which included moves on the dreaded step apparatus between use of circuit machines) without injury.

As impressive as that may be for a person of my limited coordination and frequent inability to remain in the upright position, the thing I am most impressed with is my performance on the treadmill. My fear of all things mechanical, in general, and exercise related mechanical, in particular, has kept me from ever attempting to use a treadmill. I have always been certain that if I ever stepped on one, I would immediately do a George Jetson off the back of the thing and crash into the nearest wall and/or person.

Tuesday night, however, I had the gym mostly to myself and I went for it. I started slow, then I got brave. I walked. I walked fast. I walked faster. I inclined that sucker and walked even faster. Then, wait for it, I ran. I ran and ran and ran. I ran like the wind! Well, it was more like a brief gust of a gentle summer breeze, but my point is I ran and it felt good.

Look out big scary looking elliptical machine. You're next.


Susan in St. Paul said...

That is great, Laurie! Three workouts already!!! Running even! Wow! I am very impressed

You certainly out do me break wise, I have only broken one bone all by myself when I slipped on a rug.

Do not try a Nordic Track machine, I always fall off them just like you imagined a treadmill fall would be, I just slip right off the edge. After a month of trying one everyday, I realized that Nordic Tracks and I are in incompatible.

I am sure you will conquer big scary looking elliptical machine no problem, you are on a roll!!!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Yay, Laurie, way to go! By the way, running after dogs and children is definitely considered exercise, especially if there are stairs involved.

Laurie said...

Susan - No Nordic Track! Got it. Thanks for the warning. Actually, three workouts aren't that many considering I started Monday. People who go every day have been losing about 2 pounds a week! I could reach my goal in 10 weeks if I went every day. However, life intervenes.

Just... - The fastest I've run in the last 20 years was chasing after my sister's dog (who I was dog sitting) escaped my house when it was about 30 degrees outside and headed straight for the highway. I didn't know I could muster up that much speed.

Leon J. de la Garza said...

i need to relearn how tu run..

Since my job (computer programming) involves pretty much thinking and typing all day. I dont do exercise, almost at all..

I haven't had a good run in years.. maybe 3 years...

I should follow your lead and do something.

Lorna said...

When I was still going to the gym, which I rashly promised Dave in a moment of extreme pique, that I would never, ever do again, I loved the elliptical machine! It's so much easier on the back, and the ones we had have little bookrests on them. I'm walking now when Dave goes to the gym, but I'm worried about the fact that it's only November and already I've lost one toe to frostbite. Guess I'll have to buy some shoes.

Cocaine Oscar said...

That's awesome!

Just take it easy and a little at at time, enjoy your running.

It should ALWAYS be fun, like a sweet summer breeze. ;-)

Before you know it you'll be running races and all.

good luck to ya!

Laurie said...

Leon - Yes! Get up from that desk, dude.

Lorna - You must try to keep as many toes as possible.

Cocaine Oscar - Thanks for the encouragement. If I ever ran a marathon or something, a lot of people would just fall over dead from the shock.

TexasGal said...

Way to go! Hubbie and I went for a bike ride on Sunday. My butt is sore!

Laurie said...

Texas Gal - I know what you mean! If I could find a bike with a tractor seat that didn't look ridiculous, I'd buy it.

Grimm said...

I'm with Leon, being stuck behind a computer all freaking day has done wonders for my belly.

I have been lucky enough to never have broken a bone in my 34 years(I know - just jinxed myself), but I have blown out my ankle, tearing all the tendons and ligaments to the point where the doc said it would have been better if I had broken it.

And I bet I could give you a "run" for your money when it comes to the lack of coordination.

Laurie said...

Grimm - Ouchy!