Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day After Thanksgiving Football Dilemma

The games:

  • Arkansas Razorbacks vs. LSU Tigers
  • University of Texas vs. Texas A&M
The audience:

  • One family from Louisiana
  • Several families from Texas who all consider Louisiana the "Mother Country"
  • One family of Texans currently living in Arkansas with one member who considers Louisiana the "Mother Country" and two children approaching college age who have been raised in Arkansas for the last 10 years and will, in all likelihood be Razorbacks one day unless they get their wish to attend the University of Texas

The dilemma:

  • Both games televised at the same time
  • One game in high-definition, the other not so much

The solution:

  • Everybody watches both games with picture-in-picture while constantly flipping back and forth between the games
  • Duh.

The unspoken rules:

  • My brother and/or son shall have possession of the remote control
  • Trash talk shall be kept to a minimum
  • Said trash talk shall be mostly mumbled under one's breath
  • Trash talk responses shall be limited to "What'd you say?"
  • To which the response to the trash talk inquiry shall be "Nothin'."


  • Arkansas won
  • Texas A&M won
  • We all ate pie
  • ...and more gumbo!


Leslie said...

Sounds like a good compromise. Happy Thanksgiving!

Laurie said...

Leslie - You too!!