Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Whiny Post About Whiners

Attention Scary Looking People Who Whine When People Act Scared of You

Yes, we pull our purses a little tighter or cross the street whenever we see you coming toward us. Perhaps, it will make you feel better knowing that 99% of the avoidance is not anti-biker, anti-punk or anti-this-race-or-that-race.

If you’re bigger than me and deliberately dress in scary ways, I’m going to be scared. It works. You made your point. Stop trying to make me feel guilty for a situation you created.

Attention People Who Spell Their Name Weird

If your name is spelled weird, don’t be mean to me because I spelled your name Carol instead of Kerryll. Your mother did that to you, not me. Stop trying to make me feel guilty for a situation your parents created.

Attention Whiny Newlyweds Who Had Some of Their Wedding Gift Cards Stolen

You have told every news program that will listen that the woman and her 12 year-old daughter who stole gift cards from your reception ruined and/or "tainted" your whole wedding day. It's just money. If someone stealing a few gift cards ruined your whole wedding day, you need a little reality check.

Not only that, you caught them when you accidentally ran into them at Target the next day trying to use the gift cards. You obviously aren't from the South. In the South, catching the thief red handed the very next day would qualify that as the best wedding story ever.


Leon J. de la Garza said...

I whine alot about alot of things, and i find your post to be most... amusing.

hehe... i completely understand what you mean..
And i totally agree with you..

I haven't been too available (i've been busy) so i hadn't come by your blog.. sorry bout that..

but anyways, i myself haven't posted anything... which i don't think matters to you, cause you don't understand anyway hehehe.. but.. i'm just sayin.. i've been working and all that..

anyway.. hehe have a good one!

Larry Jones said...

Scary people whine? Who knew?

Adela said...

Oh, Laurie, that is so funny! And so true!

so said...

Amen...and with a little thought, each of us could add five or ten more!

lapa said...

Try to read Cristovao Aguiar.
see you later

solopoesie said...

Most expensive laurien

Good maattina also to you!
From me osono the 5 of the afternoon Italian hour
and gia good evening is said

From the my better auguries than happy birthday to
your sorellina
from a great bacione dille, than glielo it sends your Italian virtual friend.

I did not know that you had one sorellina
, but what soe that you want a world to them of

well and this and a gift piĆ¹grande that a person I can
to have as it donates
It compliments and I embrace affectionate to all and two

With affection


solopoesie said...

Il mio nome e il 2 ottobre
S.ANGELA ( ange...Lina)
Se mi mandi gli auguri ne sarei felice

Laurie said...

Leon - Hello, Leon!!

Larry - Weird, huh?

Adela - Sad, but true.

SO - No kidding.

Lapa - Will do. :)

Solo Poesie - I have two sisters and they are both born in September. I will tell both of them you wish them a Happy Birthday.

Leslie said...

The weird name spellers get to me, too. What is up with that?

Laurie said...

Leslie - I know!