Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mom's a ding dong

Mom's now a bell ringer at church. She's not The Hunchback of Notre Dame type bell ringer. She's the shake-the-little-bells kind of bell ringer.

Sneaky way to get your kids to go back to church, mom.

(Mom's on the left.)


Beguile_Me said...

I was a ding-a-ling at my old church in Texas ages ago. It was so much fun! I especially loved doing the Christmas Nativity Program outside :-)

Laurie said...

Beguile Me - Aw,that sounds nice.

Susan in St. Paul said...

Cool! They take their bell ringing very seriously up here. I have known some bell ringers, never even thought of the expression "ding-a-ling," but its a good one. LOL!

I went to a bell ringing regional conference group bell ringing to watch a friend play. It was in the basketball stadium of the University of Minnesota, it was intense, most of the stadium was full of ringers!!!

Laurie said...

Susan - Not "ding-a-ling." Ding Dong. There's a difference.


(Just kidding.)

Adela said...

I used to be one of those very Ding Dongs too! But I had too many things going on and had to give it up. Congrats to your mom! (Hope you are planning to come to my concert next week.)