Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tonight I was going to post a lovely Bill Pullman/Bill Paxton quiz I'm working on when I suddenly realized that most of you will read this tomorrow which is my birthday. I knew you would be much too distracted trying to construct the perfect happy birthday comment to be bothered with Bill Pullman-Paxton nonsense.

Since my last official birthday was in 2004 when I turned 49, I still haven't decided on my exact age. You may choose from the following:
  • The "3rd anniversary of my 49th birthday"
  • My "49 plus 3" birthday
  • My "Reverso Birthday Age" of 46*

* Subtract a year each year since I turned 49. It's physics. You wouldn't understand.


Peggy said...

29!! It's the same when I do the math on my age. Happy B-day!

TexasGal said...

Tough One! But if I have to choose I'd pick the last one, Reverso - 46.

Larry Jones said...

Happy Birthday, baby! Your age doesn't matter at all.

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

Aging is for mere mortals. :) Happy birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like reverso. That means on Sept 28, when I turn 46 we'll be the same age and we can tell people we're twins...LOL

Baby Sis

La Sirena said...

Happy 46th Birthday!

I, too, have elected to employ el reverso when I've decided that I am as old as I want to get.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Laurie!

I was going to make a smart aleck comment about my timing, but I'll refrain.

Deek Deekster said...

Hap E. Burthday !!

Cousin Susan said...

Happy Birthday. I will also turn
46 on Friday since we are going backwards.

Love cousin Susan

katie said...

happy 46th birthday aunt honeyyyy =)

Laurie said...

Peggy - Thanks!

Texas Gal - I like Reverso the best, too.

Larry - Thanks!

Jen - Absolutely!

Baby sis - Twins! Yesssss!!

La Sirena - Super heroes love me.

Laura - Thanks!

Deek - Nice! Thanks!!

Cousin Susan - That makes me and you and Bonnie triplets!

Katie - Thanks, my dear.

pokerboss said...

Happy Birthday! Next year we should plan a two-week long party stretching from my birthday to yours. We can start at the beach, move it to New Orleans for a while and then on to Vegas! People can just join the party along the way and stay as long as they want!

Susan in St. Paul said...

happy birthday!

Lorna said...

I love Pokerboss's idea, but we should start it in Ottawa in June and take it on down. Bonne fête, chère amie.

Lorna said...

by the way in reverso years, I'm a bouncing 33 Yay!!!

Beguile_Me said...

Happy Birthday, Laurie!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

There is nothing wrong with growing old, dear. Pretty soon you'll start getting in for half-price.

Laurie said...

Pokerboss - Excellent idea!!!

Susan - Thanks!

Lorna - Double excellent idea!

Lorna (part 2) - You young thang you.

Bequile Me - Thanks!

Old Horsetail - Hot diggity!

NOMAD said...

happy birthday dear Virgo, sorry a bit late,

mine is next setember the 15th

Laurie said...

Nomad - Merci!

Leslie said...

I'm sorry I'm late with the well-wishes, but what are you 19?

Happy Birthday!

Laurie said...

Leslie - Thank you. Yes, I'm 19. It's so nice of you oldsters to remember me.